God of War 3 Collectors Edition now also revealed

We have all heard of the Ultimate Trilogy Edition getting a long-awaited release on the same day as God of War 3. A very pricey package, indeed. But it seems as if though Santa Monica Studios and Sony have forgotten about the hardcore God of War fan who doesn't want to spend as much money on this very attractive bundle... Think again! Straight from Swedish retailer Webhallen, we get a cover art/packaging pic and plenty of other information!

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NateNater3242d ago

Wow the GoW box art has really changed since GoW1 & GoW2. I like it.

LordMarius3242d ago

I will stick with my Ultimate Edition

WildArmed3242d ago

I might get this for the skins.
Can't really afford ultimate version (and doesn't seem logical for 90 bucks imo)
So might as well get this for it's awesome box art and the skins--the reason why i dreaded not getting the ultimate version

nycredude3242d ago

Woah is that the official cover for the Ultimate Edition only or something. I thought the cover was going to be just a close up of Krato's eye? If so thank the gods I have the Ultimate Edition preordered.

Call me a retard but I don't care how much GOW 3 cost I need it! Same with UC2 and MGS4.

WildArmed3242d ago

I've never seen a guy badass as Kratos.. just one look at him says alot about his personality.
I put up a poster of Kratos up next to the Lion's cage in the Zoo.. He never dared to Rawr again after seeing him.
Was quite sad actually. xD

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cliffbo3242d ago

Uncharted 2, without a doubt

WildArmed3242d ago

N4G has a forum for those things..
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sikbeta3242d ago

Just the Cover said it all, This Game = FULL OF WIN

jut4203242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Wow, that is the best boxart I've seen for GOWIII. I have the Ultimate Edition preordered, but if this comes to the states I might have to switch to this, if it's only a couple extra bucks than regular price because that boxart is sick.

Edit: @ above, haha, actually I like the US boxart better in that link. I've only ever seen the close-up of his face boxart.

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RememberThe3573242d ago

That is the kind of cover that sells games.

kenpachi3242d ago

i have mine pre ordered already i don't care for price its worth every penny

Kaliumhest3242d ago

It's no confirmation. Other retailers have it listed too but it seems Sony is undecided about the issue.

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The story is too old to be commented.