Japan gets Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PSP bundles in Konami Style

Konami is bringing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker to Japan in style. A couple of PlayStation Portable bundles will feature Snake's exclusive MGS outing on the portable system. The highest end PSP bundle, for 36,980 yen (just over $400 USD), features a camo PSP-3000, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker game, stand, dog tag, MGS: Peace Walker PSP stand and a snake skin style case. This is a very limited edition, as pieces have been numbered in a series of "1974" (the year the game takes place). See images of the limited Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker PSP bundle here. Another PSP-3000 bundle is being offered for for 26,980 yen (about $300 USD). There is also a Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Accessory Set.

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NateNater3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Nice bundles but they're little a bit too expensive for my taste.

$300-400 USD can go a long way towards other a ps3 ;)

Ace_Pheonix3242d ago

I swear, Japan gets all the great MGS stuff. They got the Portable Ops special (which I think looked a bit better, actually), and now this. I bet we won't see anything like this stateside. And if we did, I'd totally jump for it.

Crayola3242d ago

"Japan gets all the great MGS stuff"...

...No kidding...I really hope this comes to the US...but is probably wont sadly.

ScubaSteve13242d ago

well we never see these stuff state side, someone japan gets all the good stuff.

also if i was in japan i rather try to win the autograph psp from kojima himself