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Explicit Gamer: MAG Review: Massive, Organized, and Fun

Explicit Gamer: "Zipper Interactive set out with a very ambitious and challenging goal: to create the most massive console FPS ever made. Most critics agree that they have accomplished their goals and more. After playing both the open and closed betas of MAG I have been anticipating the game's release for some time now."

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callahan093221d ago

It's been getting mostly quite positive reviews so far, but I think they're all dubious in that they're based on such limited exposure to the game. Anybody that actually buys this game will surely put more time into it than these people who've reviewed it so far have put into it. And with that time, you'll gather skills and equipment and customize your character to your play style, you'll gain leadership roles, you'll experience a wider variety of game types and maps, you'll establish a rapport with fellow gamers that you know you like to team up with, you'll just in general be able to delve deeper in, and when you go deep into this game, you'll get sucked in and you'll stay there. I think this game is going to turn out to be very successful and have a thriving community of dedicated players.

Shrouds3221d ago

I agree with callahan. Even though this is a positive review of MAG it is still premature, i myself loved the game and also understand that it takes time to get into the game.

I myself love the smaller modes over domination (256 players), but the times ive played domination have been intense and extremely fun. Either way there is a set of skills and weapons and game modes for every type of playstyle, it is up to the person to get in there and figure out how they want to contribute to the Shadow War.

MysticStrummer3221d ago

Wow... apparently the objectives are either easy to understand, or impossible, from the reviews thus far. I am leaning toward the former, since I could understand where the objectives were while watching blurry youtube vids. I'll be on shortly after midnight, central time. Peace and good gaming to all.

GUCommander3221d ago

There is a GIGANTIC blip on your UI that shows you EXACTLY where the objective is. There is also a map that shows you exactly where the objective is. I don't really see how you can get it confused unless you are someone who should be playing The Conduit instead of MAG.

Gimped Hardware3221d ago

I don't understand though - the much hyped 256 player mode?

People believe that it's going to be an epic 128 vs 128 skirmish.........but no,it's Sony's marketing,making people excited and then dashing their hopes on the rocks of reality.....

Damn my inferior graphics chip
Damn my inferior unsharable memory
Damn my bottleneck issues

If only this game were on superior hardware.....if only....the 360.

Lord_Ranos3221d ago

Why humanity is so fuc,cked up?

Multi-acoount no life losers.

Sevir043221d ago

That review event where these jounalist played the game was not conducive to the type of intimate play time you have playing at home. There have been serveral changes in the formula i've heard in the game that make it that much better. ^^ I cant wait to play it. as it rocks.

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