UE3 and Frostbite to power Medal of Honor

TVGB: "Twitter is arguably a nice hangout depending on who you ask. We're there, so it must be cool. But it's also a resource for getting in the know of things. If you happen to be following EA's Assistant Producer & Community Manager Matthiew Pruitt, the official Twitter of Medal of Honor, Rendering Architect at DICE Johan Andersson, and well, a bunch of others working at EA and/or DICE, you might already be aware of the unofficial announcement that the rebirth iteration of Medal of Honor, hitting this fall, will be using a heavily-modified Unreal Engine 3 for the single-player campaign, whereas the multiplayer will be powered by DICE's Frostbite engine."

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Jamegohanssj53217d ago

I thought UE3 was like dead. Eww.


RememberThe3573217d ago

Thats why it's "heavily-modified"

erathaol3217d ago

At least its using the Frostbite too. That means there is a good chance of destructible environments. :)

Echo3073217d ago

So many games use the UE3 these days, I was really hoping we'd see the transition to the new Cry Engine before now. Not that the Unreal engine isn't capable of great graphics, it's just that almost every game that uses it looks a little similar. I was hoping to see some new flavors for 2010.

Hopefully it's heavily modified enough to stand apart from the crowd of other games that use it as well.

Fishy Fingers3217d ago

CryEngine 3 is only just available to licence, you'll see plenty of games using in a few years.

Echo3073217d ago

I wasn't speaking specifically about CE3 and it's availability now. They've been working on that engine for some time, and what I meant was that I wish it would've been finished before now, and that games could've started utilizing it already.

With that said, average developement time on a game these days is usually less than 2 years, so it would be great if started seeing the CE3 take over by the end of next year. Doubtful, but it would be nice.

jjohan353217d ago

Let's see how EA handles this game as well as Bad Company 2. The multiplayer on EA's latest shooter, Army of Two 40th day, is completely broken and lag-infested. I own the game and the multiplayer versus is unbearable.

Noctis Aftermath3217d ago

BFBC2 beta was excellent so the final product should be the same or better.

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-Alpha3217d ago

Is great and it's very disheartening to go back from destruction.

I have to say that MOH could be the realy COD killer if EA indeed makes the game style similar to COD.

And I also have to say that I love EA now. They were the Activision of yesteryear but they have do so, so, so much better for themselves.

Looking forward to BC2.

Bazookajoe_833217d ago

Im so tired of that engine, everything gets coated in shiny plastic. The only one who has been able to do anything special with it is epic.

Dizko3217d ago

Um, Mirror's Edge, Borderlands, those games are "covered in plastic" aren't they. ;)

Bazookajoe_833217d ago

But borderlands are cellshaded and mirrors edge is kind of special with it´s color palet. Iwas thinking of games like army of two, rainbow six, dark void, moh: airborn, turok, section 8 and more.

El_Colombiano3217d ago

So two completely different engines? The multiplayer would render character models differently than the singleplayer. Interesting.

mickross1233217d ago

i hope its like a call of duty style multiplayer (with less bugs and glitches) with destructable enviroments, smaller maps than Battlefield and a powered down n00btuber.
im gonna love this years FPS' Battlefield:Bad Company 2, MAG, Medal Of Honor and maybe Resistance 3.

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