AppSpy: Screw The Dealer Pro Review

For those looking for something a little different to the traditional card game, Screw the Dealer Pro has now arrived in the appstore. Screw the Dealer Pro is mixture of the classic 'Whist', 'Trumps', 'Spades' and 'Oh Hell' card games with its own twist that will keep players thinking on their toes.

The twist is that winning hands isn't the most important thing in the game, although you will earn a point for each that you do. Instead the focus lays on the player bidding the right amount of hands they will win at the start of the round, as every correct bid will reward the player with ten points. The game will start players with a 13-card round, which progressively works its way down to just one card, which means the bidding gets slowly more difficult as fewer cards are dealt. Players can select cards and place bids easily by tapping and dragging their finger along the screen.

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