GamesRadar: MAG: What's the verdict on Sony's online FPS?

GamesRadar writes: "The embargo for MAG reviews lifts tomorrow (5pm GMT) and most folk will gladly be posting them, and no doubt you'll come to GamesRadar to, amongst other things, check out our Super Review, right? Well, erm, we won't have one tomorrow. But before you resign yourself to a day of stalking that ex you had back in high school on Facebook, hear us out.

We went to the same review event as everyone else and really wanted to deliver a verdict on MAG like the other magazines/websites will. But the truth is, we feel said review event didn't give an accurate representation of what MAG is actually like – or what type of experience you'd have in this online-only FPS."

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Pennywise3249d ago

Someone needs to send Destructoid, sixthaxis, and now gamer the gamesradar memo.

WildArmed3249d ago

Yes, but these guys were pretty clear what they think about the game

I find it hilarious that some reviewers don't honor the embargo though.

'Q: So is it worth buying?

A: Based on what we played at the review event – no. We can’t justify why you’d choose MAG over any of the current crop of FPS stars and the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which does the online side better and has a campaign mode to boot. However, we've held off from the review because this event didn't really let us explore MAG in the way we needed to be able to form a definitive answer'

Obviously they state that with reservation. So it'd be interesting to see how their view changes by the time the review hits

N4PS3G3249d ago

emmmmmmmm i think they should avoid this memo too because if the ending paragraph is to trust ..then it's not good news

"GamesRadar -Q: So is it worth buying?

A: Based on what we played at the review event – no. We can’t justify why you’d choose MAG over any of the current crop of FPS stars"

deadreckoning6663249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

"Most FPS games out there now provide a much more complete experience than MAG, and that’s without the need for 256 players."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

"Someone needs to send Destructoid, sixthaxis, and now gamer the gamesradar memo."

READ-THE-ARTICLE. There going to wait to review it when the final build is out. This is only there thoughts so far...

darthv723249d ago

I would give it a solid 8 and that is just based on the fun I have had in the beta. Would my score go up simply because of more players to frag at once...probably not. It doesnt add any more depth to the game by having more players. To me that just adds to the simplicity of ranking up.

I actually like the smaller game types but would consider throwing my hat in the 256 player ring from time to time. Overall it is pretty straight forward as far as FPS go.

Just my POV but I hated having to level up all over again each time an update came out. I really expect that to be resolved in the final build.

Pennywise3249d ago

dead, I know this. Why do you think I said those sites should do the same thing?

Christopher3249d ago

I respect them for not just putting out something because obviously it looks like they had lots of technical/logistics issues not at all related to the game itself.

JokesOnYou3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Yes their waiting before giving an official review but why do they need a memo from Gamesradar, its not like they sound too excited about MAG either, much like Destructoid said, Gamesradar is just saying they will wait but their first impression doesn't sound too positive either:

"Most FPS games out there now provide a much more complete experience than MAG, and that’s without the need for 256 players."

It's early, and the game cannot be fully tested yet but so far the initial impressions of MAG aren't too hot, judging by your first comment it would seem you didn't get the memo either.


edit: vvvv Not only that kwyjibo, but Destructoid said they spent many hours playing full 256 player matches, so why in the hell would they need to wait like Gamesradar, and all games eventually play out different once a community or whatever forms? Reviewers make reviews based on how the game is intended to be played at launch, not how its going to be in the future. It is what it is, people can disagree with the review but they fully explain their review and they don't bash MAG at all..., its not a bad game, its just not on par with some other great FPS.

kwyjibo3249d ago

GamesRadar has a point, that the actual game may be better than the one they played, that a community may form around the game, and maybe they'll sort out the network issues and turn it into a solid experience.

However, it was a REVIEW event. The developers and publishers said, "Hey! Play our game in this environment, it's fit for review", you can't really blame the writers from following those words.

Kudos to GamesRadar for holding out nonetheless, but I don't really see the other publications being at fault. It's more like the publishers/developers fluffed the ball.

Guido3249d ago

I would not trust GameRadar's reviews no matter how long they spend with the retail version of this game. They are one of the worst sites for reviews on the net. Trusting in their reviews is pretty low if you ask me.

ShAkKa3249d ago

What i fail to understand is why "deadreckoning666" who clearly despise MAG and find it to be generic and uninspiring has atleast one comment on every single MAG article...

Christopher3249d ago

I should note, the locations for each of these press events weren't the same. It seems that some of them were much more chaotic and well-planned than others based on the difference in experience just from outside of the game.

StanLee3249d ago

THIS.GAME.WILL.SUCK! The beta was not enjoyable.

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Double073249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

"The flow of the action is supposed to be one of fluidity so you’d always have something to do within MAG, but the reality is that usually everyone converges on one point of the map for a gigantic shoot out to the death. It’s hardly original."

Got to level 40 in one beta and never saw this happen once, of course you get some people who wander off and whatever but nothing like their saying above >.>

Edit: Someone disagrees that I got to level 40 in the beta? Im pretty sure that I did get to level 40 you know :o

WildArmed3249d ago

It's not my fault I wondered off >.<
I was trying to get our AA online, but I always ran to the wrong AA >.<
Gah.. good days.. loved thebeta abunch

-Alpha3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

A possible 5-6 score?

Again, I can't be too surprised.

And they said they experienced lag?

I fear this game will experience tons of issues upon release considering the onslaught of new players. Hopefully the servers hold up. Hopefully it doesn't launch like Socom did.

Anyways, again, the main criticisms all seem to be true:

-no single player
-similar gameplay
-Mass confusion amongst gamers and lack of communication

A mic really should have been bundled like Socom. Again, the game is very standard when stripping it's 256 selling point, but the unique aspect to MAG does seem to work. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem reviewers are super-impressed with it.

I still think the community is going to determine the game, and early reviews may end up judging the game prematurely based on a new and learning community. But, it seems that even with experience, the game is still standard.

Regardless, I'm glad people didn't hype this game to the moon like they do with a lot of other games. I think it's fair to say there was a fair level of skepticism with MAG. Though I don't think the game is anything special I also don't condemn it. It's average with the unique selling point of 256 players. The question is whether or not people will be engaged in the concept.

About four reviews now and the game seems to ballparking a 7-8 score. The embargo may not be lifted yet, but I do not discredit the early reviews as I do not find that the major sites will give MAG any serious AAA scores. The average seems to be anywhere between 60-80 based on these early reviews.


That's what I was thinking: I heard high praises with the lack of lag in the betas for MAG so I was confused.

Now, I know that people are going to be upset with these reviews (despite the fact that most people were happy when the first two reviews gave the game an 8/10) since the review is before the embargo. But I still do not think that this game will do AAA once the embargo is lifted either. Most people were skeptical with MAG and did predict A-AA scores. Unless these reviewers missed something REALLY big then I don't see the scores drastically changing much.

My other major concern for MAG is marketing. Is it ok for the game to sell average if the full experience requires 256 players in a room? What if in time it's hard for rooms to be completely full? When I play certain games like Resistance 2 I notice the rooms lack a player or two-- imagine that with 256 players.

WildArmed3249d ago

well consideinrg they planned LAN games, the LAG might or might not be there in the final version (over PSN).

I know that I never had lag over all the phase I"ve played MAG beta (phase 1-5)

Dev8 ing3249d ago

The lag may be due to the site where they were hosting the trial not having a high enough bandwidth to accomadate 128 PS3's.

Skyreno3249d ago

i play beta is awesome game no lag >> skills i saw was alot and me like lol may not have best graphic like killzone 2 or BC2 but it has 256 players wish feels like you are in war and that sperate all fps games from this so im SO HYPE for this and I think Hardcore Fps People should buy this game >> GO SVER!!!!!

captain-obvious3249d ago

funny i just got my copy of the game
its on my PS3 right now updating to 1.01 its 37 MB in size
(( that was fast lol ))

i don't care i think i'll like this game
and im going sever too

rambi803249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

The first hours i played sucked - cause i didn't really understand how to approach the game.

After a while i got the hang of it and started to really enjoy it - it takes some getting used to

I dont trust review sites anymore because i have read reviews where the author clearly did not complete the game - user reviews 1 month post release are best.

edit - I'm at the point where a ps3 exclusive being pulled apart is no surprise. I fully expect GOW3 to get some nasty treatment

Dev8 ing3249d ago

I am interested to hear more about the training mode but I guess I can just wait until tomorrow to try it out.

Dellis3249d ago

I played it, the game seems likes a PS2 game compared to the FPS released this generation.

Zipper will go back to SOCOM after this fails at retail

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