Many surprises coming from Capcom and Microsoft on Jan. 26!

Capcom: This image popped up on the Japanese Xbox site yesterday. We can't tell you about all the delicious secrets that will be unveiled at this event, but we can hint that some of the news will be of interest to a global gamer audience. We'll have a lot more information for you first thing in the morning on Tuesday, January 26.

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-Alpha3097d ago

I wonder what the chances are of Capcom revitalizing the best beat 'em franchise that totally blew SSB away: Power Stone.

I will DIE if they release it exclusively for the 360. I want that game this gen and I want it on my PS3.

If you've never played Power Stone, you never owned a Dreamcast and if you never owned a Dreamcast then you are an abomination!

But seriously, that game was my favorite and I will never understand why Capcom ditched it.

WildArmed3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

No No no..
They are both changing their names to
Milocom and Milosoft respectively.
Didn't you guys get that memo?

well seriously, I'm expecting some exclusive DLC with Lost planet 2 and Dead Rising 2 among other games.. maybe even timed exclusivity with RE5 DLC

MGSR THE HD VERSION3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

"Many surprises coming from Capcom and Microsoft on Jan. 26!"

..........i'm ready to hear many ps3 gamers's predictions so that i can put them all in my prediction failure rate list.

it says "Many surprises" so lets see how many things a gamer can come up with.

green3097d ago

Playing Power Stone in 1999 was one of the funniest gaming experiences i ever had. It really was a blast to play and i hope one day, Capcom does a HD remake for PSN and XBLA.

cervantes993097d ago

I agree, Gamers that never owned a Dreamcast are an abomination :)

So many younger gamers that just started this gen ... they know not what paved the way.

Have a bubble for making me laugh!

Rockox3097d ago

Can't think of any news big enough to pull me away from Mass Effect 2 tomorrow. Sorry.

Socrates3097d ago

Will be interesting to find out what it is.

blue7xx73097d ago

lol they probably are just gonna announce some xbox live arcade or exclusive DLC for some game. I doubt its a game for Natal seeing how Capcom said that they are working on a Natal game but its not going to be ready for the launch of Natal. So I doubt it they are gonna show something so early for Natal. Hopefully its an actual xbox 360 game but I doubt it but if it is that would be awesome.

sack_boi3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

It'll be either a Natal game, XBLA game, or some other crap (the keyword here is "crap"...... and "disappointment").

Blaze9293097d ago

"Many surprises" huh? Sweet! I thought it was just gonna be one natal game or something. Now we have "many"

can't wait to hear

gaffyh3097d ago

Maybe something like this?

I'm guessing it's a XBLA title personally whatever it is.

Arnon3097d ago

Oh my god... Capcom vs. Microsoft.

Halo, Fable, Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Pinata, Crackdown, Gears of War, Lost Odyssey, Mass Effect, Left 4 Dead, etc.

Honestly, they have enough franchises to make a fighting game based on their characters.

InfectedDK3097d ago

"Crapcom".. I remember when every PS3 fanboy hated them back then lol..
Looking forward to see what it is.. Could be cool.. :)
Although I think PS3 only owners will "survive".. (;

badz1493097d ago

"crapcom" and you thought only PS3 fanboys came out with that? everybody was on the same boat be it the PS3 or 360 because capcom was charging for DLC code for things already on the disc with RE5 multiplayer and costumes for SFIV!

now this is 1 time capcom is going to announce something exclusive with M$, and you are trying to convince people that only PS3 fanboys bashed crapcom? hypocrite I might say you are!

InfectedDK3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

I'm sorry I think you don't get my point.. There isn't any..!
I was just looking back at things how I saw it back then.. (:
Relax! Chill.. Hypocrite yourself lol!

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ActionBastard3097d ago

I wonder what exclusive multiplatform trailer they'll unveil?

Pennywise3097d ago

Anyone disagreeing with this has NO sense of humor!

WildArmed3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

C'mon Penny.. You've been here long enough to realize that most of N4G doesn't/
but since ACtion might loose some bubs over it,
here's a bub for each of u xD

Obama3097d ago

Anal! er.. I meant Natal!

Pennywise3097d ago

skv, I've been here for too long actually.

Thanks.. +bubb back to you as usual.

ActionBastard3097d ago

Thnx skv007! Bubbles back at ya!

...I thought it was funny.

devilmaycry20203097d ago

must....keep.....Bastard...... alive

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table3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

It's still alien for me to see a name like Capcom become a puppet of Microsoft. Maybe that's a harsh way of putting it.

Socrates3097d ago

They are working together on something. How does that make Capcom a puppet of Microsoft? Maybe you were just trying to make a joke and it went over my head.

table3097d ago

maybe you're right socrates... maybe you're right

IaMs123097d ago

lol if that was a joke then you need to work on those skills there.

Alan Wake3097d ago (Edited 3097d ago )

another AAA title Only on xbox 360!

Sony jealous fans will Cry at morning on Tuesday January 26 >> I Cant Wait

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