PlayStation 3 'hacked' by iPhone cracker

"A US hacker who gained notoriety for unlocking Apple's iPhone as a teenager has told BBC News that he has now hacked Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3)."

By Jonathan Fildes, Technology reporter, BBC News

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rajman3249d ago

Cool, maybe a duplicate story but I havent seen this BBC news version yet, its kinda big that it made its way on that site

Blaze9293249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

this actually is not a duplicate. It's new details and new interview from George by BBC. Like you said, I also have not seen this version until now. He even gives some new insight on what he's done and what he can no do. Even said he won't be responsible for releasing piracy methods but of course, if he releases the hacks someone else will.

"I can now do whatever I want with the system. It's like I've got an awesome new power - I'm just not sure how to wield it."


"Mr Hotz said that he had begun the hack last summer when he had spent three weeks analysing the hardware."

This kid either has a lot of time on his hands or is just a pure genius. He was the 18 y/o kid who was the first to unlock the first gen iPhone back in 2007. More recently, GeoHot released PurpleRa1n, which was the first jailbreak method for the iPhone 3GS running OS 3.0. The dude is a genius indeed

AridSpider3249d ago

I'm going with Genius for 900 Blaze.

Ding ding ding

artsaber3249d ago

Wasn't it a teen who cracked CSS (DeCSS) to allow DVDs to be ripped, etc.? Reverse Engineering FTW?

MAR-TYR-DOM3249d ago

THESE "KIDS" should be working for the government.

Elven63249d ago

One question though, are the authorities not able to crack down on him for what he is doing? Reverse engineering (which is what happens 99.9% of the time such hacks are made) to my knowledge is forbidden by many companies in their EULA.

Perkel3249d ago

lol another one who talks : soon i will show my work..

if you cracked it why don't you show it...--->>> it's easy you didn't crack it...

DarkTower8053249d ago

Dude, don't be hating cause you can't get past the "Parental Control" feature your mom set on your PS3 lol. This guy is the real deal, not some wanabee.

Persistantthug3249d ago

Also, since I don't think he makes any money from his exploits,

If you were Sony (hypothetically), what could you sue him for...under what precedent?

LoVeRSaMa3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

What he is doing isn't ilegal.

What is illegal is playing pirated games ^_^

I'd be interested to see what Homebrew will come to the PS3, no doubt that it will be hard to code for, but Id love to see what comes out of it.

Sony are pretty good on there updates also, I can imagine it will be difficult to maintain a hacked PS3 and still go online.

EDIT: @Perkel

You Must be stupid?

He said that he was going to create the software to allow others to hack it, he has hacked it himself, now he needs to just reverse some stuff and volia.

He said he's going to release it, I have used his software to hack my iPhone he's part of the team that originally cracked it and his software Blackra1n cracks the iPhone in 10 seconds flat.

ReservoirDog3163249d ago

Yeah it's not illegal but it is questionable. I have a hacked PSP but I don't download any games. I just got LittleBigPlanet on the PSP. Worth every penny. And in all honesty, people probably will be able to squeeze more out of the PS3 if he did hack it cause a hacked PSP is waaay more useful than an unhacked one.

But what he's doing is basically allowing people to play pirated games. There are a few people like me that just likes homebrew but 99% of people just want free games. Games are big on the PS3 so I wonder how people will storage them but whatever. It's still questionable. He knows it. Let's not lie here.

OmegaKulu3249d ago

I'll bet that IF he release any source code of ps3's OS, the only thing he'll be getting is a butt load of lawsuit. The source code is more than likely to have IP pattens, and trade secrets which Sony can build a case on.
Unlike cell phones, which sell does not effect by unlocking carriers, (if not actually makes it sells more) Sony will suffer directly due to it, and I just can't see they'll sit there watch it happen when they know exactly who is doing it.

Christopher3249d ago

My question is why is this news and the fact that the 360 was hacked almost out of the gate wasn't and isn't? And, when did anyone say the PS3 was unhackable? Harder, but definitely possible. He even is quoted saying the the PS3 is a "very secure system."

As to the hacker, if it requires hardware then it's going to be a detriment right from the get-go, especially since he says he still hasn't cracked the HDD nor has he cracked their console code certification structures. I question the cost in hacking a PS3 for PS3 games itself as opposed to just doing the easier to mod PS2 for emulated software and PS2 games.

Raz3249d ago

It's guys like this that keep freedom alive a little longer. Without them, we would never stick it to the man - the man would forever stick it to us, saying something like "I have a lifetime contract you need to sign before we can activate your phone. ..Bend over."

Persistantthug3249d ago

First, of course this is news because it's been over 3 years (a long time in tech terms) since PS3's were released and to this day it remains unhacked. If this guy succeeds, it will be something of a tech. milestone from a hackers perspective and "hacker community".

Second, in case you didn't know, the IPHONE hack he created, that I watched on a tube site, it required soldering and needless to say, most people wouldn't do it. But that led to other hacks...and now, to "hack" an IPHONE, it takes roughly 5 or 6 mins of literal button pushes. What he's doing may eventually lead to something similar....usually that's how it works.

I myself hate the idea that people will pirate hack PS3 software, I can't help but be even a little encouraged, if not excited, that we may all get Backwards compatibility back in our PS3's and even other homebrew apps that may turn our PS3's into DVR's that can play computer flash games, and can make toast at the same time. lol

Persistantthug3249d ago

"the man would forever stick it to us, saying something like "I have a lifetime contract you need to sign before we can activate your phone. ..Bend over."

In reference to the AT&T IPHONES and plans,
it's actually a 2 year contract that they sign you up for. But keep in mind, you can terminate the contract anytime you want, but they'll charge you $175 for the early cancellation, which is fair because they give you $200 off on the phone from the get least for the 2nd and 3rd IPHONE version.

The ones usually trying to get over are the customer who wants to NOT pay the cancellation fee, but they still want the phone at its discount, which isn't fair to AT&T.

FACTUAL evidence3249d ago

You were always able to install other OS's to ps3...that wasn't a secret, nor hack. Besides, he stated himself he couldn't break the coding for the memory, so it isn't really "hacked". He tinkered with it, but i barely think he even broke through the system. He says he never really played his ps3, maybe he didn't pay attention to some of the features ps3 had, but just now discovering them...Idk about this whole "hack" thing...we'll see.

Christopher3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I think you misread my intent on questioning the news. It wasn't on whether or not it was newsworthy, it was on why this was and hacking a 360 when it was done wasn't. All consoles get hacked, it's really not that big of news. Only reason PS3 took so long is because no one saw it as something that would be useful. Heck, even the hacker said it himself that he doesn't even play it and only owns one game.

As far as your comment on the iPhone, you're comparing an initial hardware hack with a later, more proven firmware hack. Essentially, an illegally distributed application that modifies the firmware of the iPhone you're using. The hardware hack DID NOT lead to the software hack. They were done completely separate of each other.

This is not the same thing for consoles, as even the 360 requires a mod to play pirated 360 games and it's unlikely the same wouldn't be needed for pirated PS3 games. Regardless, the discussion was about being able to play PS2 games on a modded PS3 in the article, and it's unlikely that it would in the end be cheaper or easier to do than kits that are already provided for current PS2 consoles, which won't have to deal with having to digitize and then read said digitized games on the PS3 HDD, which he has not hacked yet.

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OGharryjoysticks3249d ago

How do they know he's a cracker...could be a black guy

ProA0073249d ago

ROFLMFAO!!!!! I ALMOST did not get that joke! I was like whaaaa o_O?

Blaze9293249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

lmao bubbles up man. that was hilarious. i also almost missed the joke

gaffyh3249d ago

Hahaha bubbles +, but truthfully, he is a white guy. He's on twitter and has his pic on there.

SixZeroFour3249d ago

omg..that was too funny, anyone who disagreed with him doesnt have a sense of humor or just didnt get it

Noob3249d ago

Wow, that was good. Definitely caught me off guard.

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DigitalEnemy3249d ago

very interesting qoutes by the hacker in this article. Basically saying that all PS3's can play PS2 games...

Well i hope he is telling the truth , maybe then Sony will release a firmware revision to allow us to play our PS2 games. Could the software/code have always been there in our PS3, but sony just decided to “turn it off” until the end of the PS2 lifecycle?. IF ( big IF) this is true, ALOT of PS3 owners will be pissed with Sony holding back suge a huge feature…

El_Colombiano3249d ago

Nah I wouldn't be pissed...its a great idea to hold it back business wise. Though it would suck for us consumers.

Persistantthug3249d ago

PS3's were playing PS2 games even after the "emotion chip" was removed through emulation.

Sony Got rid of the emulation under their own volition.

Guessing why is easy.

n4f3249d ago

well cause some people pay a difference of 200$ on release date of ps3
and still to these day there is a difference on price and the reason for that is the backward compatibility
so saying that is agreeing getting rape without condom while the rapper has a brand new in is pocket

Christopher3249d ago

We've known for a while that all PS3s could play software emulated PS2 games. The reason why Sony hasn't gone that route is due to how easy it would be to pirate such software.

Persistantthug3249d ago

The reason Sony took away PS2 Backwards Compatibility was because PS2's were still selling.

They kept it in when the system was 500-600 dollars and PS3 software was limited because at the time the PS3 needed the PS2 software as a supplement, when when software started rolling in and specifically, around the time PS3 went down to $400, B/C went out the door.

So effectively, PS3 was $100 cheaper, but if you wanted a brand new PS2, you would have to spend $100.

Fairly shrewd move on Sony's part.

Christopher3249d ago

Again, you are having some issues with reading comprehension when it comes to my post.

Sony has made approaches to provide full BC to all PS3s. One of these was a completely software designed method. The problem with this software was that they saw an inability to prevent people from easily pirating digital copies of the game to run through the software. So, rather than going forward with that option, they dropped it.

This isn't about getting rid of BC on the PS3s, it's about their attempts to provide it in another manner. Now, if the PS3 is hacked in a manner that can benefit those who pirate often, it is likely that it would only be a few months before someone outside of Sony makes the exact same type of program and all hacked PS3s would be able to play and easily distribute pirated versions of all PS2 games.

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blair_enigma3249d ago

im not a fan or pro hacking thing on the ps3 so no. its not good for the ps3's life. ps3 is still lagging behind in sales overall, and cracked system means developers would not like that meaning... :c so, no. just rent the game or what not mate

Foliage3249d ago

1) The PS3 is not lagging behind in sales, in fact it has been outselling the 360 for years.
2) Hacked consoles drive sales in many markets where piracy is rampant. This can add millions of console sales.
3) If they cared about money over customers, a few years down the line they could block hacked consoles like the 360, forcing people to go out and buy a new console. A pathetic weasel tactic, that is only used by a struggling product (the 360).
4) Renting a game does not help out a developer or the console manufacturer. Rentals take away from sales, since you have many people sharing a single copy of their product, who had interest in it and might have bought it. These games are getting so short, thanks to the lack of next generation disc drive in the 360, that a game can be beaten in a day or two, that leaves no reason to buy a game after a rental.

Blaze9293249d ago

Actually this could help the PS3. Look at the PSP - how many of those total sales do you think came from people mainly looking to hack the PSP? I actually see people post "I won't get a PSP Go until Custom Firmware gets released for it."

While it would probably help hardware - it would be software that is effected. But I don't think very much PS3 wise I mean, who wants to download 20GB+ for just one game? Then blu ray discs are like what, $20 each?

Mr Logic3249d ago

Google is your friend. BD have steadily dropped over time. You can get a 20 pack for $40, that's only $2 per disc vs. $60 at the store plus a BD writer of course.

silvacrest3249d ago

pretty much, then theres blu ray drives, using the correct blu ray disc (if its anything like the PS2 or 360 it wont just accept any cheap disk)
alot of people have slow internet connections or/and capped download limits so downloading a 25+ game is not possible

there are probably other things i have missed but basically this cat not be done by your average joe without heavy investment and we dont even no how he hacked it yet

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DW3249d ago

... man there's other disadvantage of that ... who the hell wants to download a 50GB file onto their hard drive anyways? Those images are going to be "re-dunk-Q-Lous". This is one time I think this whole mod thing is stupid.

I can understand DVDs and compression techniques but a lot of the ps3 games have uncompressed lossless audio (that alone takes up space), and the games themselves run in HD 720p and up. Why in Gods name would I spend my bandwidth on that?

Foliage3249d ago

People download blu-ray movies all the time. Much like the PS3, it is about getting quality. Sure I wouldn't take the time to download a 360 game, but a PS3 game on the other hand is well worth it.

Hakimy3249d ago

people in other countries buy pirated games.they don't do it themselves.someone will do it and then just copy the data to other disks.that's how pirated games been selling all this time since the PSX era :P

silvacrest3249d ago

i have downloaded a blu ray movie, most of them are ripped to 1.5GB depending on the length, i have downloaded 360 games, alot of them were worthy of my bandwidth and came in at 7,5GB but i wont be downloading PS3 games any time soon, to much investment + running cost (good quality blu ray disks wont be cheap)

sonnyz3249d ago

I haven't seen any HD rips under 4.5 gigs. Most are 9-25 gigs.

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