New HighRes Screenshots of Bad Company 2

Nextgamer posted 3 HighRes screenshots of Battlefield: bad company 2.

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Madis0072978d ago

Very amazing.
Bad Company 2 beta is already better than Modern Warfare 2 game.

rajman2978d ago

Very nice indeed.....cant wait for March, great month of gaming

darkmurder2978d ago

Me want DX11 goodness, this game will pwn on PC

captain-obvious2978d ago

or PC builds with DX11

kaveti66162978d ago

Your name suits you.

And if anything, it's PC shots. DICE doesn't need to fake the high quality of their games on PC. Believe it or not, PC games look very good.

JokesOnYou2978d ago

Looks sweet, got to be PC screens, looks great on consoles too...I'm no longer a PC gamer but I'll definitely be picking this up.


TheIneffableBob2978d ago

Yup, it's been confirmed to support DX11 on PC. Also, higher player counts, 3D support, Squad Rush gamemode at launch without having to pre-order at GameStop, and more.

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Alcohog2978d ago

Is there an alternate source or can someone host? Blocked for me at work :(

N4Garbage2978d ago

These screenshots are nothing.

The Frostbite Engine rendering the cutscenes for Bad Company 2 are beyond the quality I've seen in a game yet other than U2.

The differences are that U2 has a more plastic look, while BFBC2 has a more vivid look.

chak_2978d ago

Yep, still waiting 1080p PC screens

Letros2978d ago (Edited 2978d ago )

Dx11 + (1080p+) is the way to go for this game, not to mention M/KB and dedicated servers.

I'll upload some maxed out beta pics this thursday =)

I believe eyefinity will be supported as well...not sure if thats a fair advantage though, lol

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The story is too old to be commented.