StarCraft 2 Beta Rumbles

StarCraft: IncGamers reports on a number of facts revealed in the last few days saying Blizzard is preparing for the StarCraft 2 closed beta.

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Leord3243d ago

Irony: I am actually sitting in my SC2 T-shirt at work :D

Maticus3243d ago

Again?! Heh, we'll see. If it's true this time then - Yay!

AndyA3243d ago

Again, I'll believe it when I see it.

Leord3243d ago

I think it was true both "major" times last year as well, but later postponed... blizzard wanted to re-do all of :(

Dorjan3243d ago

It better be real this time! I've already seen really bad photoshops of this

Redrudy3243d ago

Slightly earlier than I thought it was intended to be.

Leord3243d ago

Lol! That's evasive :)

moondragon3243d ago

Yeah, about damn time, get on with this now.

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The story is too old to be commented.