Assassin's Creed II PC Dated, System Requirements Detailed

Ubisoft today released the official minimum and recommended system requirements for Assassin's Creed II, in addition to confirming a March 16 release date for the PC version.

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Marcello3247d ago

Excellent news, been waiting for this annoucement for months.

Cant wait to see this game running on max settings [email protected] :P

Kastanaras3247d ago

Don't understand why people even bother with these requirements as most PC gamers would know they don't mean squat when your looking to run the game on high settings at a decent resolution.

Letros3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

The minimal requirements are about the equivalent to consoles.

The recommended are what is what you need to max it at the same resolution.

Does that help?

electricshadow3247d ago

That's cool to hear. Will the PC version include the "DLC" that was taken out of the console version of the games?

ProjectVulcan3247d ago

Disappointing how the PC gamers are treated second rate still, so many months after the console release. I would be most interested to see if ubisoft manage any sort of DX11 implementation, however after the debacle that was Dx10.1 in assassins creed they might be avoiding that sort of controversy altogether

XxRoosterxX3247d ago

The reason the usually delay PC releases is to help prevent piracy. They figure if the person really wants the game, they can pay extra and play it on consoles day and date. If they release the game the same day as the consoles, that potential pirate will just download it for free on launch day.

I'm sorry many of or fellow gamers pirate PC games. But on the bright side you get to pay $10 less and play the game maxed out (potential).

I hate pirates.

Gran Touring3247d ago

They gonna release a Benchmark for this sometime soon? I ran the first game at Max settings with ~45-60 frames on average, but still I'd like to just see it.
My rig BTW:
-Intel C2D E8400 OC'd @ 3.6ghz (air)
-Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 C216 SC edition
-6gb DDR3 @ 1333hz
-780i FTW Mobo

champ213247d ago

your rig should easily max it out.

i think a 8800gtx could run this game near max, and thats 3years old

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