Editorial – Harmony: A Plea For Gamers To Live In Unity

GT Writes: The console wars, don't be fooled; they've been around since Super NES and Sega Genesis days. I can remember this like it was yesterday: my younger brother had a Sega Genesis and I owned a Super Nintendo, "my system has more games than yours," he'd utter and I'd reply with a passionate burst of pride, "oh shut up little boy, what do you know about anything?" Yes It went on and on indeed, so it's no surprise that in this, the seventh generation of consoles the war rages on.

But is there a possibility that whether you own a Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360 that we can all act like mature people, appreciate the industry for what it is and get along? And to that I say, why not?

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mjolliffe3249d ago

I'm all for having a preferred console (depends what you like), but people actually get aggressive over it. Which is pretty petty and you have to have a weak mind for it to get that bad...

movements3249d ago

Weak minded people are the ones who literally get so upset to the point that they insult you.

Call you all sorts of names, things they'd never say in your face.

It's sad, but it can change.

WildArmed3249d ago

well think of it as this:
I'mma Chicago Bulls fan..
and your a Boston Celtics fan.

We get into a fight outside the stadium over some stupid thing.. (com'on we all know it happens)

Basically this is what happens on N4G.. this is outside their stadium.
People can be jerks bcoz they hide under the mask of the net. Other wise they'd get their asses whooped outside a Celtics game =p

Jerk1203249d ago

Unity is not possible with Ps3 fans.

WildArmed3249d ago

well I'm glad one side showed up to call off the peace treaties lol

lh_swe3248d ago

You are a sheep with no ability to reason, what is the possible reason you'd want to constantly hate on a console? really what is it?

Preference, shall I define it again, or do you wanna read and respond to my other comments? or is that because you have ignored me? please take off your fanboy glasses and aknowledge that people like different things.

WildArmed3248d ago

Wow man, calm down o_o
Some people just troll for the thrills of it.
Heck I bet some people have 2 accounts, 1 for ps3 trolling and other for 360 trolling.

We have an open zone for a reason, let them be.
You can't teach an old dog new tricks

lh_swe3248d ago

And you fanboys should take note of this article, I am thinking of writing a blog post about just this and I just might looking at the idiots in the open zone.

WildArmed3248d ago

But here's the problem..
Your target audience will never read the article.. (target audience being fanboys)

They'll pop in, throw a comment here and there.. and poof. gone. lol

Godmars2903248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

know no one wants to hear it, especially the 360 camp, but the only real thing MS has brought to consoles is a sense of over competitiveness. They put more money into getting exclusive content for multiplatform titles than building their own IPs. This specific console war started because of them.

Sure the only other way is if they win, but given how they're currently doing things, I just can't see them putting that energy into making a better product. just stopping other companies from getting into the field.

Could you please say what that is? Yes they did do some good with the Xbox1, gave Sony the technical rival Nintendo wasn't, but I feel that they hurt the industry with the 360. That "next gen" should have happened a year later if not more. That between them rushing things for their own sakes because they couldn't re-invent the Xbox1, that and the industry adopting a crippled Unreal Engine, we all have to deal with it.

movements3248d ago

See the thing is, I believe MS did more good than bad...

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