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Players can save several different character types, allowing them to switch during respawns depending on their needs. It's always handy to have a few various character types to tackle any given situation, although you usually won't go far wrong if you stick with a machine gun and a medical kit. Characters are restricted by point limits, helping to balance them out and making sure that the heavily armored soldier doesn't tout two rocket launchers, a shotgun, a medical kit and several types of grenades.

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tdrules3243d ago

now I don't feel bad getting Bad Company 2 over this.

pangitkqb3243d ago

With such a high level of ambition it was either going to do well or fail miserably. I'm glad it did well.

WildArmed3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

lol while I'm too getting BFBC2 over this too, i find the review to be hilarious since the servers aren't online yet and he based his 'review' on a press-event.
People atleast put about 40housr, heack 90 hours even before reviewing a game.. I'm surprised if he even got to being a squad leader or trying out the awesome skill point system.

Jeff just posted in regards due to the lack of review.. and why we can expect some after the game has gone live.

OH and in no way am I saying that 8 is a bad score. that is extremely good considering how most online only game fare in review warfare 2.0

TOO PAWNED3243d ago

either way i just wonder how did they menage to review it when servers are not up? Beta review?

raztad3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )


Judging by your hateful comments towards the game I doubt you were doing the opposite, but just out of curiosity, how this positive review (did you read it?) convinced you no to get the game?


What the hell is destructoid reviewing? the past beta? I bet you so.

@deadreckoning bellow

Dude stop that CRAP about MAG being generic. First you didnt try the beta, so you dont know how the game actually works and second if MAG is generic what the f*ck is B:BC2? besides the building destruction game is absolutely generic, isnt it?. I did try it. Russians vs Marines is not exactly groundbreaking.

TOO PAWNED3243d ago

Don't you have to reach level 15 or something like that to be able to do certain things in this game? Was press event enough? Either way this is major fail, i guess they just wanted to be first and get some hits.

3243d ago
Ghostsmoker3243d ago

but I don't need every game ...

deadreckoning6663243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Good Score. A little off topic, but the only reason people hate on Destructoid is because their reviews are BRUTALLY honest.

If you guys actually listened to their podcasts and watched their videos ud realize very quickly that there gamers who love games, just like us. This is why they are hard on them. Same as X-play.

M.A.G is the most generic PS3 exclusive ever IMO. I understand that SOME people liked it, but I'd save my 60 bucks for Bad Company 2 or KZ3. Personally, I'm surprised the game scored THIS high.

Edit: This is a review of the BETA!? Nope, thats not right. If Destructoid didn't review the final build then they just failed miserably. I doubt they did though.

@Raztad- Ur right. I never tried M.A.G. But I've seen it being played on Youtube though and it looks extremely generic. Maybe its because the graphics are on he lackluster front. Bad Company 2 ISN'T generic because you can destroy 95% of the objects in the environment, it has the best sound design for an FPS this gen, and the combination between gun and vehicular combat is second to none.

I was interested in what Destructoid would say about M.A.G , but I knew I was never gunna buy it. At this point, I don't care if IGN and GS give it an 11, I'm not getting it. Even if the game is halfway DECENT as you say, Sony obviously isn't THAT confident in it, cause if they were, they wulda been advertising the hell out of it since LAST year.

The point is, more PS3 owners will get Bad Company 2, Bad Company 2 WILL get better reviews, and it will inevitably outshine M.A.G. And its SONY's fault for not hyping it like they shuld have. Thats just the truth.

Lifendz3243d ago

Fully expect this to be a 9/10 type game once they finish patching and tweeking it.

Mr_Bun3243d ago

Pretty sure the servers aren't up so this isn't a legit review....coming from Destructoid, I'm not suprised they wouldn't let something as trivial as 'playing the actual game' stop them from reviewing it.

8/10 isn't bad though...especially coming from Destructoid

Pennywise3243d ago

Sixthaxis just did the same stupid thing. Review the game before you can see how it is to level up and play with a clan. RETARDED!

Liquid Dust3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

But im doubting they have really gotten the full experience that gamers will be experiencing come release on tuesday. Im interested to hear what IGN has to say about all this

Elvfam5113243d ago

How did they review this game if it's release tomorrow? The servers aren't live.

"Having spent many hours invested in the game's huge battles, testing out all the game modes, and taking part in several gigantic matches with a full 256 players" <--- How

chidori6663243d ago

bungie and yourr sarcasm,,

anti-gamer3243d ago

I got the game yesterday the serves is online for 3 hoer now but there are few papal online, i dont now how they review mp for 3 hoer with less people online.

OGharryjoysticks3243d ago

The gamplay is tight. The maps are right. So learn the maps and find your crew so you know what to do.

It's a new breed of multiplayer only game - as in you want to play by yourself then go play some other game where you can run around and basically play by yourself.

BYE3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

After having played the BC2 beta, I'm more interested in MAG now.

The Battlefield franchise is getting kinda old now and I'm curios to see what the original Socom team made by focussing on only one console.

Aquanox3243d ago

In the battles of lineups Xbox 360 steals January.

It's gonna be a hell of a year (and fight)

Christopher3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

People should really read the reviews instead of looking at just the numbers.

Jim praised this game a lot in his review and it shows he had a lot of fun with it. His biggest complaints were having to backpeddle a bit on graphics to get 256 people in a single game and Zipper's lack of informing people on how to perform certain basic actions (weapon scrolling vs grenade/med kit scrolling).

Edit: Also, Jim played the game on full servers with people around the world during the press event through all of the different modes. While he could have spent a whole week just playing it, it's unlikely his score would have changed for the better.

divideby03243d ago

I cant believe someone would take a review vs actually playing the games. Both had betas and I have played in both. dont need a review to make up my mind.
MAG is less than I expected, but BC is just as I expected worse than MAG and its try #2 for it.

captain-obvious3243d ago

i smell something fishy since the servers aren't even up
but still a good score for a new IP and for zipper's first FPS game

Jamegohanssj53243d ago

I saw the headline and laughed, but the servers aren't up until 12:00 AM.


JANF3243d ago

Solid AA for PS3. I dont think PS3 will see any AAA games until march.

raztad3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )


Yeah you are definitely judging MAG by the way it looks. I didnt want to bash B:BC2 though. It is an action packed game and I enjoyed playing the beta, but your comment about MAG being generic doesnt apply. Game got a fully working 256 players on field matches, no invisible walls, no clusterf*ck as many predicted/feared. Game is tactical and actually requires teamwork, how is that generic?

OpenGL3243d ago

Honestly, an 8/10 is a good score, especially from a site like Destructoid. I thought this game was going to get crushed under the weight of Zipper's lofty ambitions. If the game continues to receive scores like this I'll have to give it another look.

gaffyh3243d ago

Seems like MAG will be a good game, not great. Which is what I expected, without a campaign mode, it will not be getting many 9/10 scores.

sparta763243d ago

8 sounds about right! Good score, don't think anybody was expecting anything higher is on online only game. No sp.
Nobody ever said it wasgonna score perfect tens....
@ raztad ( bubble up) why would u try to speak logic to Dead!?
You'll get dizzy from all the spinning he does!!
U mean like every fps?

P.s. Sorry about any miss spelling I'm using my iPhone

sikbeta3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )


Don't get your comment Pal, 8/10 is bad?...since when?

Anyway, this game is a 256p blast and fun game, I wasn't expecting something like "OMG-SO-Revolutionary&quo t; game...

callahan093243d ago

8 out of 10 is a really high score from Destructoid, especially considering that they're basing their opinion off of a really bare-bones presentation of the game at a "review event." They got to play 3 matches or 4 matches, only 1 of which was the 256-player game-type, they didn't get to experience every game type, they didn't get to experience every map, they didn't get any time to learn the ropes of the game, to establish any rapport with anybody, to experience the level-up system, customization, load-out setup, etc., they were shoved in a room for a couple of hours and allowed limited hands-on time with the game. If they liked it enough to give it an 8 in those conditions and without even getting to establish a groove with the game and experience all that it has to offer, then I take this as a very good sign of the type of appreciation a lot of people will get for this game. I think it's going to eventually establish a huge following of extremely addicted, loyal fans. I can't wait to play it.

JokesOnYou3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Callahan, I'm sure you know especially for an FPS after a few hours in you already pretty much know you either hate it, like it, or love it. Now as for a multiplayer game only there's not even a story to finish so basicly you just need a few hours to get the feel for a game. Anybody that says a reviewer has to completely play every single aspect of a game to make a final judgement about it is being naive. That's like saying reviewers need to fully prestige in MW2 before reviewing the game, come on, do you know how long that takes, do you think reviewers do that on any game, rpg, or worst for open world games like GTA? Hell know, they take in side missions, try all the modes, try to experience most of what the game has to offer but they don't find every ORB or challenge in Crackdown, thats ridiculous, and is doing so going to make him like Crackdown anymore especially if he didn't find that aspect to appealing, if he's forced to endure it for 100% completion it would probably only hurt the review out of sheer frustration. Destructoid said:

"Having spent many hours invested in the game's huge battles, testing out all the game modes, and taking part in several gigantic matches with a full 256 players, I can now tell you which way MAG went."

-Do you honestly think that is not enough to base their opinion of MAG from? It's only a online multiplayer afterall.

-btw they gave it a good/decent 8.0 score meaning they liked it, do you guys honestly think they would have given this game any higher if they played it all week? lol


n4gno3243d ago

How can someone could, after all we know about him, trust jim sterling big fat xbox fans again ? :)

reviewing a beta, it's so professional (by the way, the beta was far better than battlefield for me, and technicly with 256 players, a revolution)

callahan093243d ago

@ JOY:

Playing a game for more than one session and seeing every single solitary aspect of a game are two totally different things. And besides, I said that 8 out of 10 is a very good score. I'm just saying, given more time and a less controlled scenario, I absolutely do think that they'd like the game even more. It's an FPS? What's your point. Most people don't appreciate their time with an online FPS the first time they play it the way they do once they get into a groove with that game. Everybody enjoys playing a game better once they're familiar with it and they have acquired some skill in it. The first match, you get your ass kicked, you're not going to have as good of a time as in a week when you've started to get better at it and you're actually contributing to the team instead of just being cannon fodder.

darkmurder3242d ago

Highest review score it'll get right here.

Mikeyy3242d ago

deadreckoning666, man, please rent this game and try it, You cannot say its generic from just watching somebody play on youtube. I Remember Watching people play MW2 on youtube before it came out, Those guys sucked balls at the game, You can't judge a game until YOU play it. Please play it. It's far from "generic"

Grab a Sniper Rifle, and Play SVER like me, and you will understand.

Ravage273242d ago

I had a great time with the beta and 8/10 is around what i would give it. Being an online-only experience that relies heavily on teamwork, a score of 9 and 10 will depend on the player base. The infrastruture is there and i hope to see the community utilizing it.

To those who have yet to play the demo and are basing their opinion on gameplay videos -> JUST TRY IT

I wouldn't have bought ANY FPS (or RPG) games if i had judged the game solely from watching others play

Consoldtobots3242d ago

you can always tell how groundbreaking a PS3 exclusive is by how much it's attacked in the media and here by 360 fanboys.

BWS19823242d ago

still trying to fool people into thinking he's a PS3 only owner? Dude, we know your comment history, I've called you out on it before only to have you say nothing in response, you're a 360 troll with a deceitful console affiliation. Drop it.

On topic: I want this game, but will have to wait for it. At least I already know I'm going to put it on deck with other games I can't afford at the moment (Darksiders)...Lol, I still haven't bought MW 2 because it's not down in price, though, $40 tops and I'll think about it.

solidjun53242d ago

Thank you! I thought I was the only one who noticed this. Yea, deadreckoning is a stealth troll. Not only that, he's a hypocrite too. He always say "did you play it?" or "did you read it?", yet what he's doing is contrary to that BS he loves to spout. He never played MAG but yet loves to offer his opinion on it (really he's trolling). I really think he secretly just has a 360 and probably uses his neighbors PS3.

I've called him out so many times that everytime he types I laugh. lol

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Petro893243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Higher than I thought it was going to get.

Game has '7' written all over it.

Maybe even that's a bit generous though, the beta was rubbish.

-Alpha3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

This is still only one review, but nonetheless MAG is exactly what I thought it would be.

I don't want this game to fail, and an 8 is a great score for a good game.

As long as it gets a community that loves the game, that's all that matters for fans.

Personally, I am going with Bad Company 2. The SP is a nice bonus and the MP is solid.

MAG never got a lot of hype, but it did get noticeable hate, and I'm glad to say that the hate wasn't justified because the score was great and it met the subtle hype MAG got.

I just hope that it gets advertised properly now. The MAG commercial with Butler is fine, but it needs more attention.

Unlike a lot of PS3 exclusives even some Sony fanboys were a little cautious with MAG as evident by the lack of "ZOMG AWESOMEST SHOOTER EVER!" comments.

I do think that I will skip MAG. I think it's going to be a solid game but it looks like something that wont hold my attention for TOO long, and with all the other great games coming out like Heavy Rain, Bad Company 2, ME2 etc. I don't think a majority of gamers are going to stack MAG too high on their want list. But, like Warhawk, Socom, and Killzone 2, it's going to develop a strong and faithful following and the game should be fine in terms of sales and fanbase.

As for the score, MAG seems to getting around the expected ballpark. Great job Zipper-- I have to say, I was a little worried and thought it would flop. Even though this is one review I shall wait for more since I think this one was a little too early (and I therefore question how much the reviewer got out of the game), but regardless, it's a score nonetheless (one that I will take lightly in the overall judgment of the media's view on MAG).

Now, I hope they move on to a TRUE next gen Socom sequel. I know MAG's selling point was the 256 players, but I really do enjoy games that are much more personal and involve smaller fights where your moves make significant changes. I like the tactical gameplay over a larger game, but I appreciate the effort of a larger game WITH tactical gameplay as MAG has attempted to do.

WildArmed3243d ago

Yeah, I'm expecting the reviews to hit around Warhawk range 70-85.
I dont expect the game to be 'genre defining' or 'best shooter in ages' 'leader of innovation'..
but i do expect what is does, to do it good.

ofcourse the online competition has improved since warhawk.. but that's more of a challenge that Zipper took on.

Ravage273242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

everyone has their preferences but the good thing here is that there is now a healthy variety of shooters in the market.

Small-scale FPS - KZ2(32 players but still counts),MW2
Small-scale FPS with vehicles - BFBC2
Small-scale TPS - UC2,Socom
Large-scale combat with vehicles - WarHawk
Epic-scale MMO-style shooter - MAG

i'm hoping to see Insomniac focus on co-op play for Resistance3.

Pennywise3243d ago

Someone giving scores on betas?

wotta3243d ago

Although our review ( wont follow until we have tested the game out some more.

Pennywise3243d ago

You can not score this game until it is fully online and you get at least level 15. I just find it hard to believe they got the full experience of leveling, new modes, new weapons, adding skills and gun mods... how do they know what the clan setup is like?? This is all too generic of a review for me to believe it.

wotta3243d ago

We are leaving our review until we have more time with the game.

Montrealien3243d ago

I guess the real question here Penny is why did Sony not give access to a fully functional version instead of inviting them for a press event?

eitherway 8/10 is a great score, this game should find its audience.

WildArmed3243d ago

As wotto and penny said,
I think it's important to review the community as well if it's an online only game.
(if the game has one.. how well it's been built.. is the game mainly full of clan junkies?)
all that stuff is good to know.
Some games cater to another market.. (Clans etc etc) while others cater to lone wolves (MW2).
Which is fine, I just dont want to pick up a lone-shooter type of game hoping for it to be a tactical shooter (or vice versa)

Mikeyy3242d ago

My guess is finding 256 reveiwers at once to start a match might be a problem.

I take it at the press event you where all level 10+?

Playing the Beta's makes it extrememly evident to us how hard it will be to fairly review this game, Most people here are simply oblivious to that fact.

I think the 8 is a fair score though.

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belal3243d ago

i didn't expect such a score for this game... expected 7

yoghurt3243d ago

@above, true as sony said "how can you review a game which main feature is 256 players online before the launch"


MK_Red3243d ago

What were you expecting from the site that game 4.5 out 10 to Assassin's Creed 2? Doing a legit review on an actual final build!?