Lens of Truth: Army of Two - The 40th Day Analysis

Lens of Truth writes, "In this Head2Head, the Lens of Truth takes a look at the retail versions of Army of Two: The 40th Day. This sequel throws you right into action and lets you know there is no time to waste. Watch the video and read on for an in-depth analysis."

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Nambassa3247d ago

And yet another bad port. Why can't the devs do it right? It surely cant be that hard? Sheesh... Still, both bersions look pretty much identical. Xbox 360 only edges it out with slightly better textures in some places but it's really not that noticeable.

pangitkqb3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Get a PS3 for top-notch exclusives/Blu-ray and a 360 for Multiplats.

This is, of course, not always the case by any means, but is generally good advice. That's just what I do, anyway.

(Oh, and any multi-plat available on PC is almost always the best option, there are exceptions, of course, but just as a general truth.)

raztad3247d ago


Sorry but I dont agree. The differences are quite minimal and in most cases unnoticeable. If you really want the absolutely best version get it on PC.

For me the perfect setup is PS3 (most games) and PC ("xbox" exclusives and some multiplats).

jaidek3246d ago

I would have to disagree to some extent. It really depends, but if the port it done well it will be indistinguishable. But in the case of this game and the dreaded Bayonetta that is not the case.

You are correct though, a mid to highend PC will yield the best experience on cross platforms. Too bad I don't have a dedicated PC for my entertainment room. :(

Perjoss3246d ago

I'm sure this game is cack, but as with most multiplats its better on xbox360.

Anon19743246d ago

At this point it doesn't really matter, games are so close. The only ones it matters to are the fanboys who try to perpetuate the myth that the majority of multiplats are better on the 360. This ain't 2007 anymore. Sometimes it's better on the 360 like Bayonetta and this game, sometimes it's better on the PS3 like Dragon Age or Darksiders and in all but a few extreme cases you'd never be able to tell the difference actually playing the game.

I remember the hype around which version of Modern Warfare 2 was better and Infinity Ward themselves said they did tests and the only people who could tell the versions apart were the teams that worked on them.

Frankly, I don't find these comparisons useful at all. All they seem to do is fuel the fanboy flames, and I think that's counterproductive to the internet gaming community as a whole. If there are serious issues, most respectable review sites will point them out. If not, do we really need to judge a game based on one version having a couple more FPS, or a slightly blurred texture here or there?

raztad3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )


Yeah Bayonetta was a joke on the PS3, but those bad ports are almost a thing of the past. Darksiders PS3 came out as the absolute best version yet the differences are not that important to brag about.

Regarding the PC. I play games on my laptop. It got quite a modest Radeon 3650 but still can run ME1 on high textures, 720p and very decent framerate. I'm pretty sure it runs better than the Xbox version. My point is: a high end PC is needed only if you want to run your games MAXED out, ie, highest possible resolution, 16xAA, etc etc

Megaton3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

The difference between multiplats is usually very exaggerated, particularly by fangirls. There are only a handful with significant differences. Bayonetta and The Orange Box probably being the worst offenders. Even Ghostbusters was totally blown outta proportion. Played it to the end on PS3, and I never even noticed half the things people were crying about in comparisons.

SilentNegotiator3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

And The Saboteur, DarkSiders, and Dante's Inferno (Just to name 1 from the recent past, current, and close future) take that generalization and toss it out the window.

SaberEdge3246d ago

This is why I get my multiplatform games on the 360. Time and time again we see the 360 versions looking and performing better. I've done a lot of comparisons myself either using demos or borrowing copies from friends and the differences are often quite noticeable. Hardly the minuscule difference that some of the PS3 fanboys above are trying to tell you it is.

When one has more screen tearing, more slowdown, lower quality textures, almost double the load times, and a softer look overall then that is not a minuscule difference.

And differences like these are all too common. I have seen similar things in many games.

SaberEdge3246d ago

"Even Ghostbusters was totally blown outta proportion."

Maybe if you don't have anything to compare it to. Was it playable? Yes, but it was definitely a far cry from the 360 version. Reduced texture resolution throughout, more aliasing, more screen tearing, more slowdown, blurrier, lower quality shadows...I mean, the list just goes on and on.

@ Silent Negotiator

I wasn't aware there had been a comparison between the full versions of Dante's Inferno. I hope you are not talking about a screenshot comparison. Those things are almost worthless. All I know is that I compared both versions of the demo and they were pretty close, but the 360 version had a sharper look to it. The textures in the PS3 version seemed a little blurrier. In any case, I'll wait for a more thorough comparison on that game.

BattleAxe3246d ago

I hate the PCs online structure, so any game that I want to play online, I will get it for PS3, but any games where I don't care about online play, that look good and are PC or PC/xbox exclusive I will get on PC.

jjohan353246d ago

Um, apparently you never downloaded the patch for Ghostbusters on PS3 that fixed the resolution and graphical differences.

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JOLLY13247d ago

I really like the lense of truth articles. They give you some much technical information, so you can make an informed decision.

Fishy Fingers3246d ago

I guess it's nice to know if you have both consoles. Me, I buy it for the platform my friends do, simple as that.

RememberThe3573246d ago

I But I'm with Fishy on this one, especially when it comes to games like Army of Two where the multiplayer is the best part of the game.

redsquad3247d ago

I'm seriously struggling to finish this game - I've found it THAT bad!

evildeli3247d ago

I heard the the replay value is pretty low too.

saraphina0173246d ago

It doesn't look at all interesting to me. Honestly, I find the PS3 controller to fit my hands better, so if I were going to buy a game I'd buy it on that unless there were BIG differences.

Dance3247d ago

Stupid comparisons are only good for fueling fanboy wars

jaidek3247d ago

"Stupid comparisons are only good for fueling fanboy wars "

No, it is called making an educated decision on which platform to purchase on...that is if you own both systems. Someone has to point out the differences since almost every other publication in print and on the web glosses over them.

RudeSole Devil3247d ago

Let me guess you only have a PS3? Numb nuts keep wasting your money on inferior versions. LOL.

saraphina0173246d ago

I disagree. Fanboys (or fangirls) are going to buy the system to which tehy're loyal. It's those of us who have (and play) on multiple consoles that get the most out of the comparisons.

Gen0ne3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I own both and I like these articles so I can decide for myself which version is gonna get my 60 bucks. I would've bought Bayonetta for PS3 if it wasn't for LoT. I'm not a graphics slut but I am a stickler for good frame rate and I'll take a variable 60 fps over a variable 30 any day. Glad I did too, my roommate bought the PS3 version and let's just say... he's not too pleased with the results of that purchase. ( I, on the other hand, am delighted with mine ) While I do agree these articles certainly help fan the flames of fanboy fire, I disagree that's all their good for.

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Gigalol3247d ago

another reason to buy an xbox 360 instead a ps3.

RudeSole Devil3246d ago

All I have to say is Uncharted 2. Done son.

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