Guardian: Mass Effect 2 Review

Mass Effect 2 is a looker. The influences are pure retro sci-fi. So think the minimalist look of Star Wars and Space Odyssey. Blade Runner and X-Files are hinted at as well. The soundtrack mirrors this with swooping Vangelis-style pads providing a suitably synthetic mood. The universe feels more alive this time round. Planetary exploration is vastly improved from the original game.

It may only be January, but Mass Effect 2 is already a serious contender for game of the year.

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s8anicslayer3244d ago

I can't wait till tonight, midnight madness launch! :)

Solidus187-SCMilk3244d ago

im getting it at midnight too. Cant wait to play it.

BeaArthur3244d ago

I have never waited in line for a video game and never will but I do understand your desire to have it at Midnight. I will be picking it up on my lunch hour tomorrow and popping it in as soon as I get home.

duplissi3244d ago

this game marks the second time ive gone to a midnight launch for a game, uncharted 2 being the first one.

cant wait tonight cant come soon enough!

green3244d ago

we don't get this game until the 29th. Anyway, i am going on a self emposed ME2 embargo. Not going to watch any video or read anymore stuff about the game before someone ruins it for me.

Aquanox3244d ago

What a strong performance for ME2 and what a 2010 start for 360 owners!

A Cupcake for Gabe3244d ago

You all can completely disagree but it's funny how the first mass effect wasn't the biggest game with people(Sales wise), but looked back at as one of the greatest games of all time. And now ME2 is becoming a renound game., great reviews, and is used in the ps3 vs 360 fanwars. Will the 360 community buy it? I will. I was just curious cause I see many "ME2 sold under 2mil so it's a fail" articles all the time. Uncharted series is the same way too...hehe

just wondering....

midnight is too far away

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Ghostsmoker3244d ago

this game will become a modern classic game ...
it's the whole package thats fits perfectly.
Story, Gameplay, Visuals ... etc.

BeaArthur3244d ago

Tomorrow can't come soon enough.

Two-Face3244d ago

Who said that the Xbox 360 has no games this year?

We are in January, and there is already a AAA title out.

green3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Bayonetta 360 version, sitting pretty at 90% metacritic and now mass Effect 2. Good times indeed.

For me, the goodness started in october with Forza 3,L4d 2,GTA4 liberty stories and now bayonetta and ME2.Used this month to play Resident Evil 5 and Batman AA so will be getting ME2 and GTA4 Liberty stories on the 29th of January.

EDIT: @ Below: You are fu*king hilarious. What are you even doing here?you don't even own a 360 and from your comment history, all you do is bash anything Microsoft related.

jakethemuss3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

So you could argue with yourself.

Green did you forget to log out and log back into your 2 face account?

jakethemuss3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

And all you do is diss the ps3

belal3244d ago

pliz take it to the open zone both of you.

360 has enough games coming this year but so does the ps3.

i am looking forward to play: mass effect 2, splinter cell, god of war 3, heavy rain, AVP, and Agent.
MASS EFFECT WILL BE A GOOD game no doubt. but so will god of war 3 and heavy rain.

ceedubya93244d ago

buying all of those games. Way They are all too good/potentially too good to pass up. Also Picking up Tatsunoko vs Capcom to go along with ME2 tomorrow. Great times over the next few months. I afraid to see what the rest of 2010 will be like.

morgle3244d ago

Good call on AvP man... I forgot thats coming out so soon!!

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