Top 5 Games That Should Be Movies

Go Fanboy writes: "Nothing is certain in today's game industry. But the closest you'll come to a sure thing is that movies based on video games suck. There are exceptions, sure. But most of the time, gamers end up regretting their ticket purchase after watching their favorite game get some off the wall adaption on the silver screen that fails to encompass any of the elements that made the game so good."

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GunShotEddy3249d ago

Wow Alcon. Welcome to N4G where it's not just press releases. It's also game related "Articles" as this submission is correctly categorized. *double checks* yup, it says article, lol.

Alcon Caper3248d ago

lol this is an article? i'll remember to add to my bookmarks. it's a blog at best. the author NEEDS to take a writing class and learn about the art of prose. or the art of spelling...

Alcon Caper3249d ago

No video game should be a movie. EVER.

GunShotEddy3249d ago

Why should no game be made into a movie?

Alcon Caper3248d ago

history says that no game has successfully been made into a movie.

name me 3 games that were successfully turned into movies

when a relatively long game plot is crammed into a 1.5-2 hour film, it does a disservice to the writers to control the pacing in the game--it never translates.

You're an idiot for thinking differently. Just look at every game movie ever made. dumba$$

Mr Lahey3248d ago

oh dear, as long as Uwe Boll wont get his hands on the scripts.. he raped so many games with his non existing directing skills already..

GunShotEddy3248d ago

Trailer Park Boys avatar earns a million bubbles!

hatchimatchi3248d ago


trailer park boys is one of the funniest shows ever

GunShotEddy3248d ago

Resident Evil 1, Mortal Kombat 1, Tomb Raider 1.

All box office success and relatively well received by the gaming community. Cynical much?

Alcon Caper3248d ago

all those movies SUUUUCKED and only have cult followings at best. Oscars much?

dorron3248d ago

Come on! No Metal Gear??? No God Of War???? Those games are way more filmy than most in that list.

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