EA's goal is to beat MW2, says DICE

DICE's Patrick Bach has said that he believes "a lot of people on executive level" at EA see beating Modern Warfare as a goal.

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Hellsvacancy3250d ago

Ea hav already beaten MW2 in my books i loved the BC2 beta

MW2 was a rental and BC2 is on pre-order

WildArmed3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Agreed, the quality of thebeta alone exceeds Mw2. (imo)
The beta was just amazing.
I actually had to put the beta down early so it wouldn't get stale.
Loved the beta and am expecting great things from Dice.

Microsoft Xbox 3603249d ago

The BFBC2 beta already confirmed it. It was amazing.

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

"Agreed, the quality of thebeta alone exceeds Mw2."


The Bad Company 2 beta was a jaggy mess that looked and played pretty much exactly like the first one.

EA and Dice have a lot of work to do if they think they can go toe-to-toe with Modern Warfare 2.

snaz273249d ago

i exspected more from dice! why dont they aim for being better than killzone 2? lol

glennc3249d ago

they have both beat easily. they will copy BC2 in their next sequels, especially the damage.

snaz273249d ago

i would love to see destructable environments in killzone 3, i know 2 had a few set pieces but its not quite the same... i really loved battlefield destructable environments, im sure they have improved that too which will be awesome!

kalebgray923249d ago

its just how many ppl play bad company 1 today still no one.... until mw2 cod still had huge numbers playing mw2 is so flawed and overhyped but is still more fun to play.... non gamers love mw2 non gamers dont know about bad company 2.... it will not beat activision even if it deserves to

creatchee3249d ago

I liked BFBC and the BFBC2 beta, but there's no way it's going to outsell MW2. As to beating MW2 in gameplay, I don't think so either. There's really not much variety to the game types (at least there really wasn't in the first one). Besides that - BC matches are long drawn-out affairs, where MW matches are quick and get over relatively quickly for the most part. With today's attention-deficit-disordered gamer population, BFBC2 just won't have the appeal that MW2 has.

Still, I'm buying it...

Minimox163249d ago

Bad Company 2 Rulz!!! that game its just frking amazing!!! the first was OMG! and multiplayer that suck me in, and now this !!!!! no comment just waiting for it!

Sitdown3249d ago

That statment doesn't make it sound like the beta was awesome.

WildArmed3249d ago

I was nearing in on all unlockable weapons and perks, so I decided to give it a rest.. because if there is something i learnt from MAG beta is that it sucks to start all over again.

I put well over 100 hours in the MAG beta, and after beta ended.. i dunno how much fun I'll have. (having CIO position really rocked socks)

So basically, I dont want the same thing to happen with it.

No matter how good a game is, after X amount of hours, the game does get boring.
So I dont wanna ruin this game like that..

(esp. since all the changes they did after the beta has me looking forward to it-- alot of the complaints that I whined about were duly noted and fixed! yay)

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chidori6663249d ago

all fps already beat this generic auto aim "game"...

Ron Zook3249d ago

this would happen if people were smart. but no they go out and buy wiis and hook up ps3s with dvd cables to their tvs and noob it up with a garbage sequel to an overrated franchise instead

ASSASSYN 36o3249d ago

Beat them is sales. I doubt it. But in quality...yes they will. I am surprised I am saying that given my past experience with EA games. Some have been lacking in quality. But I am confident BF Bad Company 2 will deliver.

BeaArthur3249d ago

Agreed, MW2 did so much volume that will be nearly impossible to beat. However as far as quality I have no doubt. MW2 (at least the 360 version) is a total mess.

mfwahwah3249d ago

This isn't just an EA game, this is an EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment game. They know how to make good games haha. They're even developing the multiplayer portion of the next Medal of Honor game (which is getting a lot of attention as well).

DocHoliday3249d ago

@Ron zook
stop hating on mw2. Yeah i agree with you it is extremely overrated but that doesnt make it a garbage game. I do agree though that BFBC2 is way better though. I played the beta and i couldnt stop playing.

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