Modern Warfare 3: What Fans Don't Want To See

Akimbo Weapons, "Noob Tube", Glitches and so on: These things are outta hell and make gamers of Modern Warfare 2 cry. Videogameszone's wishlist for Modern Warfare 3 is huge, as you can see under the following link.

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Wrathman3249d ago

no akimbos.this game got the halo needs slowed down.and also some of the weapons need taken back to cod4 many futuristic weapons.keep the game in the present.there is nothin modern about EMP's.

WildArmed3249d ago

I do agree with the last point.
THe game has become extremely unbalanced due to that.
OFc, camping gets rewarded big time (killstreaks)..
I might end up with more kills (but not as many killstreaks) than them, but they'll end up getting more killstreak and eventually drop a nuke =/