IncGamers: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Preview

IncGamers' Tamer Asfahani gets hands-on with the single player campaign and the new squad Rush mode.

From the preview:

"The recent multiplayer beta on the PS3 was well-received, with a wealth of positive feedback for the developer. Not only does the game look cleaner and sharper, but the significant work on the weapon weight, mechanics and vehicular modelling is clear to see, or feel if you prefer. The game looks complete and, in turn, the environments are varied, engaging and beautifully rendered; you always feel like something new is happening. And this is probably because the game is now set across South America, allowing the developer to explore everything from snow-capped mountains to arid deserts and everything in-between."

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Leord3245d ago

God. I wish I was the one making the preview :P

Would not mind getting my hands on it!

Maticus3245d ago

Nice to learn a little more about the game

Fyzzu3245d ago

This wasn't really on my radar until now. Looks good.