Game of the year 2010? 8 reasons why it's gonna be Battlefield: Bad Company 2

An editor from the German gaming-community published an article about Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The article is called "8 reasons why it is the best game of the year 2010". One of the reasons is the 3D-support another is the soundtrack and the experience of Dice.

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SebTh3242d ago

Battlefield: Bad Company rocks!

FangBlade3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

I played the beta and i wasent very impressed.

Myst3242d ago

To soon. No doubt people will like it, but may we please at least get past the first month before doing this?

Myst3242d ago

to late for me to edit, but I meant 'too soon' rather than 'to soon.'

WildArmed3242d ago

Agreed. Every AA or AAA game that drop is going to be followed by a GoTY article unfortunately.
Come late fall and everyone will 4get those articles..
It's too soon to say anything, esp. since we dont know half the lineup of Fall!

FiftyFourPointTwo3242d ago

This game will be good. But my personal GOTY for 2010 is still GT5.