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"In the third excerpt from our interviews with Bungie on Halo: Reach, we turn to its campaign design. Mission lead Niles Sankey and and campaign lead Chris Opdahl explain how Reach is diverging from Halo 3's 'high action' to rediscover the tension and choice of Combat Evolved."

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The Meerkat3243d ago

"In co-op, players can split up and do different things, or they can team up to join forces. There will be some specific mission points in which player will be able to diverge and take on objectives separately."

Sounds good to me.

EVILDEAD3603243d ago

Great article from Edge..As a long time Halo's great to hear that they are really concentrating on taking it back to what made Halo:CE so good.

I just remember sense the awe at landing on Halo for the very first and getting goosebumps while looking at the ring in the sky. I loved the who tension of not knowing what was around the next bend.

Silent Cartographer was simply unbelievabe at the time. There were so many moments that made that first game epic. I love the fact that 3 years later we have Bungie and not some other developer at the reigns of what will obviously be the 'definative' Halo experience.

The sun and the moon have aligned..this game is going to be immense..I plan on revisiting the entire trilogy this year and go back to the hours of multi-player sessions on Live.

But, for now..Mass Effect 2 in less than 24 hours..

Life is good


Fanb0y3243d ago

For me, Halo is the ONE game where co-op really works. It's just so easy to jump in with a friend, whether it be online, or through split-screen, and just do things.
The experience is not crafted for co-op. There are no special moves. Rarely are there separate routes the players can take. But it works. And it's way more fun than Army of Two.

Not the mention the huge environments. Bungie stated that it's not fair to compare Reach's graphics with Uncharted 2/Killzone2, as these games are 'very linear' and 'highly scripted'. Reach, on the other hand, is designed to be a true playground, a sandbox, where weird sh*t can happen. And I accept that excuse.

Foxgod3243d ago

Thats not an excuse, its actually a valid reason.
Uncharted 2 would look nowhere near it looks now, if it had the same scope as Halo Reach.

But Ps3fans like to ignore that, and at the same time act like Mag looks awesome considering what it offers, while in fact, it looks pants compared to Reach.

Reach is going to be the best looking large scope game to date, no game boosts such enormous battles, and at the same time offers gfx that can match most non sandbox games.

garos823243d ago

im not trying to be funny but killzone 2 multiplayer maps are massive.not so linear and scripted as you say and yet it still is a marvelous looking game. you really shouldnt compare graphiics to the ps3 cause it makes u look foolish imo. uncharted 2 is unmatched by any game on xbox and you cant say thats because all xbox games are massive and sandbox games cause u know its true.

As for Halo, its looking impressive both graphically and for its new co-op mode is probably one of the best out there.

ThanatosDMC3243d ago

^ MAG looks good for a 256 player game with a lot of stuff happening. But it doesnt look great.

I agree, people shouldnt compare it to U2. Probably better to compare it to Red Faction: Guerrilla which was a damn fun game. I only wish it had co-op.

I just hope they stick with the great ideas of CE and not copy lame enemies from games like Borderlands and the like.

lowcarb3243d ago

As I've said before and will say again, Alan Wake already surpasses anything to date on PS3 when you talk about graphics and lighting. Conviction will have it's moments and games like Rage, Brink and Crysis 2 360 will all teach you a lesson once and for all. UC2 looks good but will be beaten very quickly for the console crown this year.

Lifendz3243d ago

I know graphics are a really subjective matter to discuss but Alan surpasses anything on PS3? First of all, Alan Wake isn't even out. Let's see what the finished product looks like. And if we're going to start trumping games that aren't out as being better than anything on another console then why not say Killzone 3 looks better than anything on 360?

Alan Wake looks good. Really darn good. But you don't have to claim it trumps everything on PS3 to support that.

lowcarb3243d ago

Oh trust me I'm waiting but only bring it up when I hear the don't compare 360 exclusives to PS3 exclusives argument.

n4gno3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Edge = lol

foxgod (and lowcarb : [email protected] wake), don't be in denial with non existent games, ps3 fans don't want to know what ? are you kidding, you are the only one closing your eyes in front of evidences : uncharted 2, killzone 2 = impossible on xbox 360 (even uncharted 1 !), 256 players online without lag= impossible on xboxlive, just a fact with existing games.

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josh143993243d ago

im looking forward to halo reach especially if it has a firefight mode. one thing that does annoy me though is that edge are inconsistent with there reviews when it comes to halo. They give most awesome games 7-8 and they give halo games 10. im not saying halo isn't good but is it that much better than some of the awesome games they only gave an 8.

either way i'm looking forward to this game and can't wait to try the beta when its released

SixZeroFour3242d ago

omg...imagine if they had firefight with matchmaking to make up for odst's matchmaking-less firefight mode...that would be AWESOME

IQUITN4G3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

M.a.g looks to be a great achievement but unlike the intensive independent AI work Halo games have always had(not to mention all the physic stress calculations for vehicle and objects etc etc), it's all player controlled here and so there is no such stress

The single player campaign for Killzone2 doesn't feature such an impressive set of numbers as Halo it should also be noted and can focus just a little bit more on it's graphic tech.The game doesn't monitor very much in comparison to the huge ammount of variable stuff going on in Halo3 for example and now Reach of course with it's 40 fully independent AI.A lot of fps games can appear quite hectic and as if handling many AI at any time but just about all of them are faked by their simply respawning more enemy when current enemy are depleted

spinbot_lv13243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

edge lol an entire magazine reserved for the new halo rangers...very good! is edge a multiplatform magazine or microsoft's magazine propaganda? I missed something? ah! yes, they usually use dice for their scores reviews.

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