Mass Effect 2 review round-up

CVG: 'The title is tracking beautifully on Metacritic, with a current average of 97/100'

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awesomeperson3185d ago

Just like how U2 started out, then somehow it dropped to 96 :(

Congrats to EA and bioware for making a great MULTIPLAT game ;)

kingdavid3185d ago

Forget EA, they had nothing to do with this title.

Pumbli3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

Ooh, looking good ME2.

Since I get no SWTOR any time soon I might as well check this one out, after all I really liked the story in the first one.

About the score, I don't think the 97 will stay, only 5 reviews are out.

I'm betting it's a +90 game though.

Guido3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

A review round up based on 5 reviews? Really? In agreement with the above user, let's give it some time before go talking about the score. Not to mention, we all knew this game was going to be good and rate int he mid 90's. It's Bioware for goodness sakes.

vhero3185d ago

Game isn't out yet so wait for it to be released cant really base that score on the few select sites that were given review copys.

FangBlade3185d ago

Downloaded it 3 days ago and finished it today.
Its a nice and decent game. overrated IMO.

MURKERR3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

are you freaking kidding me

when its got over 50, or even over a 100 like uncharted 2 then do a round up, CVG are laughable

Obelisk923185d ago

With the last review added.

MURKERR3185d ago

uncharted 2 104 reviews metacritic score 96

just shows you how toilet journalism is from certain sites....try harder CVG

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Gigalol3185d ago


A great multiplat <<<<NOT>>> ; AVAILABLE ON Playstation 3 :)

Solidestchimp3185d ago

yeah but the best version of mass effect 2 <<<<IS>>> on pc ;)

Guido3185d ago

Then you have got to play it on the PC. If you cannot afford a decent PC, then by all means, play it on the 360. The best version of this game will most definitely be on PC as was the first ME. I loved it on PC. Played the first one on the 360 and a year later bought it for the PC and wow, what a difference. It looks and plays much better on PC IMHO. And for the nay sayers out there, I would be saying the same thing if it was a PS3/PC exclusive. Bioware games just work best on PC.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3185d ago

Sorry droids just keep saying to yourself "MS isn't Windows and don't benefit from Windows exclusives" maybe if you smoke enough crack and sniff enough smurf berries it will come true.

Mass Effect 2 on Windows and Xbox... score 1 for Sony :D

Guido3185d ago

The PC version is the best version for those of us with a gaming PC. There is something about having peace of mind knowing my gaming PC won't RROD...

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Solidestchimp3185d ago

totaly agree i played dragon age at my brothers on the ps3 it seemed like a good game so i got it for the pc and was blown away what people need to rember bioware use to be a pc developer first

kingdavid3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

No offense but Dragon Age was a game which was made for PC, and subsequently ported to consoles. Its control layout and tactics only have a lasting effect on PC and were by far and between superior.

Its different in that the experience would be largely the same on both systems for Mass effect apart from the graphics. You only need to read the reviews.

theEnemy3185d ago

A review round up on 5 reviews ?


MajestieBeast3185d ago

Well you have to realize right now it beats uncharted 2 in scores but in 2 weeks it will be on a 9.3-9.4 probably so now they to try to rub it in with 5 reviews.

FangBlade3185d ago

@ above
UN2 - 96
ME2 - 96

theEnemy3185d ago

UC2 - 104 reviews
ME2 - 6 reviews


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