Mass Effect 2: Final Boss Fight Leaked (SPOILER)

A new video shows the final boss fight of Mass Effect 2. You can watch the video under the link. Warning: Spoiler!

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kingdavid3163d ago

Come on... This isnt news, its just blatant spoilers..

Who in their right mind is gonna watch this?

Guido3163d ago

This type of stuff should not be up on any site. It's just pathetic if you ask me.

Alcon3163d ago

lol thats news??? everybody knows there are people broadcasting their playtrough with Mass effect 2. just go ever justin tv, and you'll find at least a guy playing it

FACTUAL evidence3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

looks like something from terminator.

Maikrobi3163d ago

damn, I hate spoilers... I hope i can resist watching this video... *Narf

Serjikal_Strike3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

I watched it...but it only shows a little of the battle..not the ending

JayX6663163d ago

Now they change the picture, already a big hint seing as ive looked at the picture box on the n4g article and now its gone