Eurogamer: PomPom Games' Michael Michael Interview

Eurogamer writes: "PomPom Games is possibly the most platform agnostic of all developers. Since the launch of Space Tripper as a downloadable PC title, the mostly two-man design team (Michael Michael does the art, Miles Visman handles the programming, while audio specialist James Drabble is also a regular collaborator) has spent the best part of a decade working on everything from the original Xbox's fledgling Live Arcade service to the iPhone. PomPom's games have even been ported to exercise machines - not a device with a particularly vocal fan-base.

With Alien Zombie Death, a typically frantic new shoot-'em-up, blasting its way onto the PSP Minis roster this month, we caught up with Michael to discuss the evolving face of the indie market, why PomPom rarely has much of a say in which platform it designs for, and what he thinks about Match 3 games (um, not a fan)."

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