WoW: All the World's a Stage: Trolling for roleplay

WoW writes: "Okay, so by starting off with "trolling" in the title, you're probably expecting some kind of subtle guide to how to troll the official forums, or maybe how to avoid some of the worst drama. But when I use the term trolling, I'm speaking to the base root meaning: how to inspire a reaction. In our case, how do you inspire a roleplay reaction from the people around you?

The basic idea here is that in order to ferment roleplay, you have to start it yourself somehow. You can't simply expect to walk into Mordor all in-character and hoss with your well-thought-out plans and storylines, expecting to find a town full of roleplayers. No, my friend, you're usually going to have to get it started yourself. Let's just assume that "if you RP it, they will come." Once you get the roleplay started, you'll find other roleplayers showing up around you."

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