Mass Effect 2 DLC Leaks Out Early onto XBLM

Earlier tonight, we were notified of some leaks of Mass Effect 2 DLC, which as reports come, were supposed to be free on launch day (and maybe even after). However, we're under the assumption that EA didn't really want this out until the game launched. So here's a list of all the DLC and descriptions, but be careful as the last one is extremely spoilerific!

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kingdavid2975d ago

THe majority was preorder and collectors edition exclusives. I am very glad I got all of them, means theres no point in me preordering or getting the LE.

Montrealien2975d ago

aww shux, so this collectors stuff was available to anyone for a short amount of time? crud.

I`have been checking the cerberus network everyday, I can only get the Dragon age armor and the Normandy crash site, still cant get the last team member though.

2975d ago
Zalset2975d ago

Got them all too. They have been taken out now though...

drzmvp5542975d ago

all i was able to download was the collectors armor and gun

LONEWOLF2312975d ago

Yep thats the only one i got as well........

duplissi2975d ago

unfortunately by the time i checked it was all taken down....

so ah who the hell is in charge over there? cause it seems that every month something that doesnt belong or is incorrect ends up on the marketplace, come on this hardly ever happens on the ps store.

DjDATZ2975d ago

Well, as far as I know, and I may be wrong, but the PS Store doesn't let you queue up downloads like XBLM does...

GVON2975d ago

You can queue around 10 or 12 different downloads from the Ps store.

duplissi2975d ago

um yeah.... your wrong, i dont know the exact # but you can queue up several items, and how does that have anything to do with the incompetence of the xblm staff?

sukru2975d ago

Does sony has a like web system where you can buy/queue downloads?

duplissi2975d ago

yeah, but its only for psp compatable stuff. its available through sonys equivalent to itunes: mediago and its actually a nice media player. i use it to manage all my downloaded psp games instead of my ps3

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