A.V. Club: January 25, 2010 Round Review

The A.V. Club writes: "Alexey Pajitnov's Tetris isn't just a game anymore-it's the Mitochondrial Eve for an entire genre. There are more than 40 different commercially released Tetris variants and sequels, and those are just the ones Wikipedia knows about. The number of non-commercial Tetris variants out in the wild is unknowable. (To count them up, you'd first have to know how many different calculators Texas Instruments has sold since 1984.) First-Person Tetris distinguishes itself from these many mutations and imitations by being the Tetris most likely to give you motion sickness. After firing it up, you're presented with a vintage Tetris experience: a CRT television playing Nintendo's 1989 NES version of the game, its sound and sights perfectly emulated. The twist here is that the puzzle piece you're controlling stays fixed, while everything else, even the television, revolves around it. For the most fun experience, twirl around in your office chair for 30 seconds, then see how long you can play without throwing up…"

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