Why Zelda: Spirit Tracks Deserves Your Attention

Every now and then, you play a game that's neither here nor there. It's not bad by any stretch of the imagination. On the contrary, it's fun to play, innovative, and constantly surprises you with little experiences that you make you mumble, "Well, how about that?" to yourself with a little smile.

And yet, you can't bring yourself to appreciate it for what it is, fully, because more than just being a standalone experience meant to be relished, it's also a brief glimpse into a future where its potential is far more fully realized.

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NewZealander3246d ago

im playing it in my spare time, ive got to say its pretty repetitive, do a dungeon get the rail map, drive the train back and forward several times doing mundane tasks to get access to a temple, drive train back to dungeon to get another map and repeat and repeat...and repeat...

DocHoliday3245d ago

I'll never play another zelda game again until they remake Ocarina of Time or Majoras mask. By remake I mean they should make sequals directly based off those games gameplay, character design, and soundtracks.

KruLLit3245d ago

This game is truly awesome. The new game mechanics is just soo much fun and I love the dialogs. The only negative aspect of the game is the train. It gets quite repetitive after a few hours. This and New super mario bros wii is my game of the year 2009.

rrquinta3245d ago

I have to say that while Phantom Hourglass was far from being the best in the series, overall it was fun to play. Spirit Tracks, on the other hand, is not. I started it and still haven't finished it because I just can't bring myself to keep playing. I have to say I was very disappointed.