IGN: The Last Decade in Gaming: A Developer Roundtable

What better way to look back at the highlights, lowlights and changes in videogames over the last ten years, than to ask the people who've been making the games? IGN got in touch with a host of high profile development folks, representing companies from all over the globe - Platinum Games and Capcom in Japan, Avalanche and Guerrilla Games in Europe, FreeStyleGames in the UK, Krome in Australia, and Blizzard, Turn 10 and Gearbox Software in the US. Plus plenty more.

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nix3243d ago

well.. i can sum up the last decade (or at least the few last years). overpriced games. dlc sold as games. overpriced dlc. biased sites. kindergarden reviewers. biased reviews. paid reviews. hate. jealousy. overhyping. selling unfinished games. selling unfinished products.

that looked very positive. time to change. what say?