Mass Effect 2 NFC Championship 2 Minute Television Spot

The 2 minute commercial that aired during the NFC championship has been posted on the Mass Effect 2 Official Website in HD.

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NateNater3164d ago

Haha I just saw this when I was watching the Saints vs the Vikings! Good commercial but I thought it was a little bit too long. Probably because I just wanted to get back to football! lol

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Bnet3433164d ago

WHO DAT? WHO DAT? WHO DAT DEY SAY GON BEAT DEM SAINTS? The Brees jersey looks too fresh, I might actually get one:

OpenGL3164d ago (Edited 3164d ago )

Yeah, I thought it was a bit too long as well. I usually dislike long commercials for games as I always feel that they're a bit silly. They try and boil down too much story and plot into a minute or two of time which really isn't possible for an RPG like Mass Effect.

Another reason I do not like ads for games comes from the fact that it is that the advertisement is a non-interactive medium. When you remove the interactivity from games, and try to advertise story, games simply are unable to compete with older mediums like film.

Perhaps when games start being taken more seriously we'll see more talented writers getting involved in the industry. I don't wish to imply that Mass Effect 2 is poorly written, but that the medium as a whole has not fully matured yet.

Also, Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

lord_of_balrogs3164d ago

I sincerly hope that EA surpasses expected sales of ME2. It's gonna be an amazing game and I'm glad that they're marketing the hell out of it. I wonder if its hit Halo 3 advertising expense yet?

FACTUAL evidence3164d ago

Thank goodness i piraa.....i mean pre-ordered this!

callahan093164d ago

Yeah I was already really amped for this game, but that commercial dropped my jaw. Can't wait til tomorrow!

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TheBand1t3164d ago

Who Dat going to the Super Bowl?

jalen2473164d ago

The commercial was Epic.

Great game. The Saints were lucky to win the game. They will need more than luck to beat the Colts.

Based off their performance, I predict the Colts will win the Super Bowl in a blow out. Sorry Saints fans. :)

TheBand1t3164d ago

You forgot the /sarcasm tag.

denimsky3164d ago

Was the NFC championship trailer same as the launch trailer?

Christopher3164d ago

Yeah, same one that's been on GameTrailers for a while now. Still a good trailer, though.

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