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"Two games in, BioWare's Mass Effect 2 has just cemented the series as the RPG series to beat this generation. As the middle tale in a sci-fi epic, nods to 'The Empire Strikes Back' are inevitable – and in a very real way, the middle instalment in the Mass Effect series is equally dark and more involved; characters appear richer, the settings comfortably familiar yet foreign and fresh, and the gameplay now evolving, shifting and streamlining."

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Bungie3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

wooooooooooot another great score
Bioware FTW
RPG of the Decade

GreenRingOfLife3250d ago

Can't wait to put this game in my Xbox 360 on tuesday

WildArmed3250d ago

I hates you O_O
I'll be at college till around 10pm when I get home. My gamestop will be close dby the time i get back.
So even though i have it fully paid.. i'll have to wait till the weekend D:

And yes, Bioware never delivers nothing short of Gold.
DA:O, ME1 just to name 2 of their amazing track record.

Jmlopezbr3250d ago

I finally got a computer that can handle gaming 3 weeks ago. So I have been waiting 2 and a half weeks for ME from an online order on Best Buy (no stores nearby had it in stock). The shipment got lost and so we got another shipment in which is coming on Tuesday TT_TT.

I pre-ordered ME2 but now I have to wait until I beat ME... temptation will be hard though OTL

3250d ago
ReservoirDog3163250d ago

I always trust IGN AU. They're always the most fair of all IGN's branches. This looks really really good.

I saw the long trailer on the Vikings vs. Saints game (Favre messed up bad) and it looks really good. I've done my best to avoid seeing anything of it and that's the longest I've seen of ME2.

If I hadn't made a promise to myself to stop buying games for the next few months, I would buy this day one. God it's gonna be torture.

Saaking3250d ago


You can always get it on steam. Fast and easy.

Digitaldude3250d ago

Obviously Us inflates the score.
Great review AU. Can't wait to play it for PC.

el zorro3249d ago

Another high score. That's awesome, I can't wait til Tuesday.

calis3249d ago

Bioware are money. You always know you are going get an awesome game (coming from a guy who just started Dragon Age - Origins and bought a XBOX for KotOR and 360 for Mass Effect 1 (and now 2)

Zeal0t3249d ago

One question... should i complete ME1 before i start with ME2? I ask because i got my ME2 Collector's Edition pre-ordered but i actually never finshed ME1. I don't know if i can resist ME2 :D

baum3249d ago

Of course, this is the first RPG of the decade. It's not like there's any competition. But then again, if you're talking about last decade, then you forgot to mention Dragon Quest 8, Kingdom Hearts 2, Demon's Soul, Fallout 3, Persona 3 and Persona 4.

goflyakite3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Wish I could get it on the PS3, looks awesome.

And lol @ the people in all articles saying things like, "can't wait to play this on my 360".

And another lol @ baum owning the fanboy.

ShadowCK3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I'm not surprised as the Auses generally write very poor reviews which are short and have no redeeming qualities. They give the gameplay a score of 9/10 but don't provide the reason for it not being a 10. Instead they say "Major changes and refinements were largely well implemented, even if we don't agree with all of them" - that's unbelievably unfair. That's like marking down MGS4's story down because it's unrealistic.

Please don't compare rubbish like Uncharted 2 to Mass Effect 2. It's insulting and we all know very well Mass Effect 2 destroys Uncharted 2 in near every aspect. Oh and I'm also getting this on my 360. You got a problem with that?


gaffyh3249d ago

@shadow - Not only is that offensive to Australians, it's also incredibly stupid that you say don't compare it to Uncharted 2, yet you are the first one to do so.

Uncharted 2 can't even be compared to Mass Effect, the games are completely different genres, and if you'd play both games, you'd know that. But obviously you won't know, because you only have a 360.

On topic - Good review score and very accurate. Mass Effect 2 is a great game, but there are still issues with it, so it is not perfect. I feel like the US reviewers all seem to get sucked into the hype of any big Microsoft title and automatically give it a 10. Sad but true.

WildArmed3249d ago

While I dont have a problem with you or your attitude..
the people eating up your bubbles sure do..

And please go cry a river that you didn't get Uncharted 2 on 360.
ME2 is gonna be awesome, U2 was awesome.

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GreenRingOfLife3250d ago

that stands for

Amazing And Awesome

WildArmed3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

Here I thought it was 'American Automobile Association'
But next time I call them up when my car breaks down, i'll ask for sure :)

goflyakite3249d ago

Then what does AA and A stand for?

003250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

hell yeah just one more day.

subzero-083250d ago

Might have to pick this game up for PC and see what it's all about.

WildArmed3250d ago

I'd say you go pick up ME1 first.. you wont regret it!

I'm actually trying my perfect playthrough for ME1.. I wanna expereince ME2 at it's finest ^^

drzmvp5543250d ago

another great score, but thats like the lowest score ive seen so far , you had to ruin it ign au