TGHZ: Dead Space too Scary Says Producer

For those of you who loved Dead Space for it's ability to scare the living day lights out of you; you're in for a surprise. It looks like the producer of Dead Space 2, Steve Papoutsis, does not feel the same way.

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josh143993243d ago

i hope they don't tone down the horror because i loved dead space because it scared the crap out of me. I fear that dead space 2 will be average due to them trying to make the game more mainstream like resident evil 5.

DW3243d ago

.. why the hell would the dev team want to change it. I liked the fact that I had to struggle for resources .. it added to the fear.

Nihilism3243d ago

Gimped for mass appeal: confirmed.

What a terrible shame, the first game was great, it had a perfect balance of action and horror, on release, I found Doom 3 to be much more scary than I did when I played Dead Space. The reason people praises Dead Space over RE5 was because it didn't go easy on the horror aspect...

EA needs to decide whether or not they want me to hate them, I'm having trouble deciding...still waiting on a quite a few DRM removing patches from them ( Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, Red Alert 3, Crysis Warhead, Mass Effect )

Guido3243d ago

Please, do not "Resident Evil" Dead Space. Do not "Capcom" the h*ll out of a good game please!

Admiral_Benson3243d ago


I hope to god they don't water the sequel down to please those who were too pu$$y to play and complete the original.

"People were too scared to play Dead Space" - then those people need to go play some Mario or something and leave the Dead Space franchise to those who want to have the crap scared out of them. Surely that was the whole idea of the game in the first place?

I loved the original DS and i'm extremely hyped for the sequel but if goes the way of Res Evil 5 i will be seriously pi$$ed.

guitarded773243d ago

I have to agree... Dead Space was really an incredible experience, like the first "Alien" movie. I felt isolated and alone with the scariest element being the environment itself. I was glad when a monster or crazy person showed up so I could kill 'em or watch them commit suicide and take a breath. I know EA is in the business of making money, but ruining a potential epic franchise to do so will hurt them in the long run. I really hope DS2 is twice as scary.

AKNAA3243d ago

But since it was so damn Good I just had to man up and shoot down those ugly Mutha (shut yo mouth!).

ThanatosDMC3243d ago

Me, scared? All i needed was more ammo.

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raztad3243d ago

OK. I see it all. Dead Space is about to pull a Resident Evil.

DW3243d ago

... but the only other RE that hit the fear factor for me for RE3 when Nemesis made you afraid. After that, it just went down hill.

lightningsax3243d ago

That's what I felt like as soon as I read the headline. The actual horror part of Dead Space was one of its distinctive advantages over its competition.

We're talking about a survival horror genre that has either been trending toward Michael Bay explosion porn (Japan) or putting some dark-haired little girl in a game, calling it scary, and saying it has nothing to do with The Ring (US).

I am not buying something that plays like Hive Mind Warfare 2. No way, no how.

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alphakennybody3243d ago

well the first one wasn't really, or maybe it's just me I guess. But the new co op might be fun to mess with though.

DW3243d ago

.. I know gamers like to get online and play with their buddies .. but instead of an MP style game .. what not create MP based elements that tie into the story? I have enough shooters as it is already.

Denethor_II3243d ago

I played this with surround sound in the dark, great game, naturally I'd expect them to up the ante.

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