UK Games Industry Salary Survey 2010

Wage data for games retail, publishing, development and media in the UK
Last week we asked readers of and to respond to an extensive salary survey. Hundreds took part, revealing details on their career and 2010 job prospects. Here we analyse the answers and offer topline insight into the jobs market, and comparing the results to our 2009 survey.
(Note: except for the breakdowns by discipline, results refer to the answers supplied by those working in publishing, retail, development, services, PR and marketing and the games media within the UK. A breakdown of international - and UK - figures for games development specifically will be published by our sister site Develop in the coming weeks.)

Average Salary by Profession (2010)
Publishing & Marketing – £44,643 / $72,728* (2009: £43,000 / $70,051)
Retail – £27,738 / $45,188 (2009: £26,960 / $43,921)
Services & Distribution – £32,250 (2009: £31,973)
Development – £31,964 / $52,073 (2009: £30,442 / $49,593)
Media – £18,056 / $29,415 (2009: £18,125 / $29,527)
PR & Communications – £28,928 / $47,127 (2009: £26,153 / $42,606)

*U.S. dollar amounts are approximate values based on the current conversion rate from the British pound.

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FanboyAttack3250d ago

Damn I didnt realise these guys made so little. It must be true the only person making money in the process of making a video game is the publisher.

Blaze9293250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

you would THINK the ones pouring their hard sweat and work hours into these games would be the ones getting paid the most. If not for them there would be no games. Crazy - their benefits better be HELLA good to make up for that. Of course most of them work overtime - I wonder if they even get paid for that or at least in good amounts.

Just really makes me think about the Rockstar San Diego situation and EA a few years back.

GamerPS3603250d ago

I always used to wonder about that myself. I mean, DEVS are just programmer. They have to get paid the way programmer gets paid. They may get little bonus if games becomes superhit as sales but I think, Publisher/Producer is the one gets all the money and left over to directer, story writer and people like that. After all, it's publisher/producers are the one gambling.

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3250d ago
ElementX3250d ago (Edited 3250d ago )

If they're making so little, I guess sales DO matter to them. All of the people on N4G stating "sales don't matter" are dead wrong! Maybe sales don't matter to you or I, but these people depend on royalties. Who cares if a AAA game only sells 200,000 copies? These people do!

wdjacb3250d ago

This new Salary survey 2010 is very impressing.i think that now UK will make a good country for gaming industry and its a good place for freshers.

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