InsideGamer: Aliens vs. Predator Impressions

IG writes: "Predator is a brilliant movie. Perhaps the best that the brutal pounding muscle / governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has been able to shine. Alien is one of the best sci-fi thrillers ever made. Aliens, the first sequel to Alien, is perhaps more exciting and entertaining. But that is the row with praise on it. Predator 2 is failure in an urban jungle. Alien 3 is failure in a futuristic prison. Alien 4 is the resurrection of the failure. And the two series also attempts to link failed miserably. Aliens vs. Predator is failure to reach the South Pole vs. Aliens. Predator 2 is the funeral ritual of the end of the series, which has failed in an American town. The consoles also have the aliens and the predator made little stir at a proper PC game after nine years ago. The expectations for the next-gen version of Aliens vs. Predator is therefore anything but high."

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