Geoff Keighley- Mass Effect 2 is Genre-Defining Game, expects it to have over 95 in Metacritic

TMC: GametrailersTV host Geoff keighley gave his impressions of Mass Effect 2 on Twitter after finishing the game.Keighley believes the game will receive universal acclaim with over 95 overall score on the website

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Bungie3249d ago

it's only the God of RPGs

alphakennybody3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Demon's soul has already took and locked that title. Keighley just likes to hype... no i'll rephrase that, keighley is payed to hype.

Edit: funny I didn't even claim game was gonna be bad and the Disagrees are pouring like the rain in the amazons.

@1.3 so it's like saying to a preson who's been driving in his whole life is not a driver because he prefer another brand of car than yours :/

Bungie3249d ago

sorry but...never heard of it

CernaML3249d ago

And that's why you shouldn't call yourself a gamer.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

"Geoff Keighley- Mass Effect 2 is Genre-Defining Game, expects it to have over 95 in Metacritic"

this is coming from a guy who's played the game and had his team review it. as far as both WRPGs/JRPG are concerned there are no other games like it in the genre.

if there is, name a few.

Cold 20003249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

LMAO @ Bungie, dat was funny lol.

Anyways yeah MASS EFFECT is the best RPG this gen.Period.

XBOX is the RPGBOX this gen. Looking forward to some Fable 3 and Mistwalkers new JRPG too.

lowcarb3249d ago

That actually was pretty funny.

damnightmare3249d ago

Ok I can agree that Mass Effect is an amazing RPG and Mass Effect 2 is simply AWESOME but to call the Xbox 360 or the PS3 the RPG King of this generation or whatever is absolutely ridiculous.

Wake me up when there is an array of RPG's coming out that are not for the DS. Seriously this gen is lacking

deadreckoning6663249d ago

WOW, already 120 degrees. Its crazy how emotional people get when Geoff says something

PrimordialSoupBase3249d ago

It's disappointing that the game's combat has lost any sense of being and rpg and is pretty much a third person shooter now. That half the game is hardly genre defining. However, the "role playing", so to speak, of being your own Sheppard is stellar.

Foxgod3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Lol, he actually dared to mention Demon souls and mass effect 2 in one line.

Sorry for you, Mass effect 2 completely outclasses Demon souls.
Its like you are comparing Cross edge to Final fantasy 13.

I already played Mass effect 2, and when it comes to Demon souls, if it would be Mass effect quality, then the world would have let us know about it.

And we all know by now that demon souls is a game easily forgotten.

baum3249d ago

Bungie is the same account as "OWNED" and and should get banned immediately.

"Lol, he actually dared to mention Demon souls and mass effect 2 in one line.

Sorry for you, Mass effect 2 completely outclasses Demon souls.
Its like you are comparing Cross edge to Final fantasy 13. "

Says the fanboy that has played none of them.

Nihilism3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Actually I'm more in favour of a banning of you, how many 360 articles have you commented on in the last 12 months?, 100?, 200?, 300?, number of ps3 articles I've commented in in the same time = 2

You might want to tone down the fanboysim, you'll give yourself a stroke, and we're all concerned for your health...honestly.

Saaking3249d ago

I don't think it'll have over a 95, but it'll still be pretty high. I don't know about Genre defining though. I wouldn't say that.

niceguywii603249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Of course you wouldn't. Why do you sit on this site 24/7 waiting for 360 news you can post stealth bashing comments in? I looked at your history and you have been commenting in 360 rooms every hour as far back as the site records.

Me2 is the Best action RPG ever it's not just Jeoff saying this but every reviewer so far. Only pro Sony review sites trying to lower the ME2 score will cause the game to go under 95.

ryuzu3249d ago

The PC has plenty of staggeringly good games, but the 360 has been short of any *really* good games for a while.

ME2 - you're at Bat - don't let the 360 down!


camachoreloaded88063249d ago

shipped me my collector's edition.

On another note, everyone should go ahead and try to de-bubble Saaking, I'm tired of reading his stealth troll comments. Go to any FFXIII article and I guarantee you'll come across a comment of his with the word 'gimped' in it.

ActionBastard3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Keighley also said Mass Effect 2 will come to the PS3 too. Good to know EA isn't going to limit the "god" of RPGs.

EDIT: And ME2 being "genre-defining" is inside info? If he thinks it is cool. If he thinks it's coming to PS3, I say cool too. It isn't really implausible with EA's stock performance.

niceguywii603249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Thats not inside info. Keighley thinks ME2 will make its way to PS3 just like I think FF Versus will make its way to 360. Doesn't mean much.

Is this the twilight zone? The 360 fans have more disagrees than agrees.

Chris3993249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Comparing them is like weighing apples vs. emus.

Creation: One is Western, the other Eastern.
Setting: Sci-Fi epic vs. Cthulu style fantasy.
Control: 3rd person shooter vs. classic - methodical - hackn'slash.
Characters: Aliens, Robots/ Demon's, dragons, mythical creatures.

I fail to see any similarities other than the fact that they each fit under the rather broad description of an "RPG". They are COMPLETELY different games. And each one is brilliant in it's own way, as wekk as totally distinctive.

Props to Mass Effect 2 (I will be playing this once I'm done with Magna Carta 2 - which is actually not as bad as reviews would indicate), and a shout out to Demon's Souls, which was one of my favorite games this gen.

A 360 and a PS3 are basically the same price (I'm not going into the "value" argument, yes one is more featured, but to just play games, they're about the same price), so shut up and bite the bullet and find out what the other side (or multi-console) owners get up to. You would probably find that a lot of your misplaced rage might suddenly dissipate. You could come out from the basement - blinking in the sun like a lizard while your eyes adjust to the searing light of which they are unaccustomed. You might even meet a girl and fall in love! Who knows? Being an angry nerd isn't productive or sexy for anyone.

If all you fan-boys want to be mad at someone, pick the corporations who make us buy several consoles just to enjoy a full spectrum of titles this gen. This is easily the most expensive generation in decades of gaming for me. More than all this pixel-counting and console loyalty bs, THAT makes me angry.

Less QQ, more pew-pew. So much of these "gamer zone" posts really belong on the other side.

Mass Effect 2 is fantastic and so is Demon's Souls. Accept it, move on.

captain-obvious3249d ago

the game is great
im loving it

Tony P3249d ago

Good on them if that all comes true. I see the good scores as indicative of BioWare delivering on their many promises for ME2.

But right now, I am more concerned with finally playing the game than some guy's soothsaying.

Chubear3249d ago

Gosh I f*&^in hate metacritic.

WildArmed3249d ago

"Lol, he actually dared to mention Demon souls and mass effect 2 in one line.

Sorry for you, Mass effect 2 completely outclasses Demon souls.
Its like you are comparing Cross edge to Final fantasy 13."

Imo, Demons Souls is that to JRPGs what ME2 is to WRPGs.

But equally epic in different ways.
I'mma huge fan of Me1 and DS.
But I dont think I could be content of had just played ME1 or DS.
I'm glad I played both, bcoz neither of them can offer what the other does.

Anyways, getting ME2 day one.
It could get a 80 metacritic for all i care. It's not gonna cancel my preorder :)

SaberEdge3249d ago

I know it will be one of my favorite games. Mass Effect 1 already felt like the pinnacle of action RPG gaming for me and I have no doubt Bioware have elevated this one to the next level. I simply can't wait.

Saaking3249d ago

Don't get me wrong, I'm as excited about the game as most of you. I'll be playing the 360 versions just 2 days and I can't wait, but I'm just saying that the game may not score as high as people are speculating. UC2 has OVER 100 reviews and has still managed to keep a 9.6 average. I don't think ME2 will be able to pull that off.

camachoreloaded88063249d ago

that this game will be a great addition to the 360 AND PC library, as he usually does. HAHA! He's trying to get approval from everyone, don't fall for it!

baum3249d ago

I was talking about duplicate accounts, not about comments from 360 fanboys in PS3 threads and viceversa. But now that you mention it, your opinion on heavy rain is ignorant, and that's assuming you aren't a fanboy.

callahan093249d ago

@Chris399, how you got even one single disagree, I will never understand.

Demon's Souls was my game of the year last year, and Mass Effect 2 is right on track to be my game of the year this year. I cannot freakin' wait for Tuesday! Both games are totally different and totally brilliant (well, I'm kind of making an assumption about ME2 because I have not played it yet, but you get the idea).

Nihilism3249d ago

I can hardly be a fanboy when I don't go around talking about what console I play on, I don't need to justify my purchase, and neither should you, there is no need for competition, just let it go, any game that gets over 9/10 is a blessing as we are flooded with so many mediocre games, I suggest you buy it for pc as you don't seem to have a 360

hoops3249d ago

Dude do you ever rest? You are the ultimate fanboy LOL

baum3249d ago

I never said the game was bad, I was just pointing the fact that Bungie writes the exact same things as the former duplicate account "OWNED" and all of his open zone accounts, just like WhyDis/WeWon/Ididnotmurderhim and then I pointed out how FoxGod has never played either Mass Effect 2 or Demon's soul because the first is not out (I don't believe anything he says anyway) and the second is on PS3; just check this bullsh1t of his justification:

"if it would be Mass effect quality, then the world would have let us know about it.

And we all know by now that demon souls is a game easily forgotten."

And this is his gamer zone comments, just imagine his open zone comments lol. Seriously, ignoring the fact that he is a fanboy, he is a very ignorant gamer considering Demon's soul actually won a few GOTY awards, so yeah, the world did "let us know" and yet he chose to ignore it. Furthermore, somebody that needs to "hear about a game" or the mentality of "let's buy it because it sells and therefore it is good" is that of sheep which need to be herded, i.e. not very bright.

Ignoring all that, you changed the subject calling me a fanboy in spite of your Heavy Rain comments; I never called you a fanboy either, I simply said that in my arguments I was assuming you are not a fanboy, that you are simply ignorant. Hell, I didn't even say Mass Effect 2 sucks, I've even acknowledged that the first one is a good game as I own it, but I don't think its gameplay is groundbreaking, not like I need every game to have groundbreaking gameplay as long as it has other reasons for me to play it like a few innovative mechanics or storytelling devices.

The worst part is that the same fanboys that say that Heavy Rain sucks because "it's just a movie" or "it's too slow" are the same fanboys praising Mass Effect 2 for its storyline and for the fact that you can also manipulate the story, even though Mass Effect 2 is also a slow game compared to Gears or Halo (not like it matters to me as I don't care how anyone else labels them, I'm just pointing out the hypocrisy).

jetlian3249d ago

most people hating on heavy rain don't like it because it doesn't have any realtime combat. they could have resident evil (1996) like combat and GTA4 hand to hand and the game would get its dues. but all combat is qte.

DatNJDom813249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Then its well deserved. Lord knows the 360 needs some better games. 2009 sucked for them (in my opinion of course). At least Bioware does step up its game and knows how to make a quality game. I wonder if the PS3 version will have extra missions. u know, ala every "RPGBOX" game that comes over to PS3. Oh wait, Bioshock came over with more content didnt it?

Bashing Demon's Souls??? Really?

1.Read Chris399 and skv007 comments. Couldnt have said it better myself.
2. Demon's Souls is my favorite RPG this gen. not because its a PS3 game, but because of the unique (and utterly frustrating) experience its bought me. Im playing this game and I'm literally learning new things about the game everyday. Noone is holding your hand in that game and telling you how to shoot. That is the rewarding thing about it. Keep your minds closed and you are going to miss on some real good stuff on both sides.

Socrates3249d ago

Mass Effect is my favorite RPG this generation. There were some other good ones I like as well, but none as much as Mass Effect.

Btw the graphics are amazing. Mass Effect 2 is the best looking RPG on any console.

FrankenLife3249d ago

Keighley is a tool. I'm not saying he is wrong, just that the man is a damn tool. His quotes don't constitute news.

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Dark3603249d ago

Look out they're coming...DROIDS Avalanche...

Socrates3249d ago

Not this time, I guess.

Anyway, ME2 is in many ways a defining game of its genre. Certainly among the RPG elite.

GiantEnemyCrab3249d ago

Just a couple more days to go! Sounds like it's going to be a special game, much like the first for me.

003249d ago

even though someone spoiled the ending for me, I'm still going to put over 200 hours just like ME1.

WildArmed3249d ago

ah sorry to hear :(
You should go hang the guy who did that lol

003249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

"It's not the end but the journey".

WildArmed3249d ago

well said... well said indeed.

Someone Pm'd me the ending of ME1 b4.. (stupid N4G)...
But never the less, the ending still was awesome when you play it yourself.