MAG promises Playstation's biggest firefights

Console action game fans are used to shooting it out with 16 or 18 other players, but upcoming Sony release MAG is about to kick it up a notch.

And by "a notch" we mean "about 240 notches." Set in the year 2025, where private military forces are warring over lucrative contracts, MAG's online matches will support up to 256 individual players -- a first for console shooters.

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WildArmed3185d ago

Unless your count R2, that'd be 196 notches lol.

But the game was very intense never the less. It was an overload the first time i played a 256 match, but the scale was just breathtaking.
While i dont think I'll be able to continue playing MAG more than a week, I am going to atleast rent this baby out! (mainly coz I suck at most FPS games with a few exceptions here and there)

Sevir043185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )


if the Open beta is anything indicative of the shear amount of people playing online then this game just shut up the haters. another thing. I just got a text from my local Gamestop saying that i can pick up my copy of Mag at 12:01am 26 January 2010...

I never thought MAG would be the PS3 game among the likes of Halo, gears and MGS, GOW and GT and FF to get a Midnight launch. It's mind blowing, this game might actually be a system seller for Sony, and it's Good to see that they started marketing the game. I saw the ad for it on tv last night about 10 times in a span of 3 hours thats nice.

ryuzu3185d ago

They're open for ME2 :/

Sevir043185d ago

If you check Gamestop's website front Page, MAG is the number 3 best seller on their website, and that right after Both ME and Battlefield bad company2, and surprisingly it's the PS3 versioon of Battlefeild thats the best seller, these arent just 5 dollar preorders, the ones made online are full purchases, and thats how they tally it up. so as of right now there are about 230k plus full purchased MAG orders online and shipping, with who knows how many reservation orders instore for this game. My Guess is that mag will shock and come out with pretty Good Numbers in it's 5 days of being released in January... i'm gonna go on a wim and say MASS effect 2 at 800k and MAG anywhere between 550k-700k. thats just what i think. alot of people also just go in and pick up Games without preorders so, it should be an interesting January NPD

ryuzu3185d ago

Well if you think that if it weren't for ME2 there'd be a midnight launch just for MAG, then I think you're delusional.

Yes there may be a lot of preorders - I've got mine pre-ordered! However, I also know there is no way anyone is doing midnight openings just for MAG right now.


Sevir043185d ago

And also because the game has reached the quota of 150k pre sale game purchases via online. thats always the criteria, so even if MASS EFFECT wasn't doing midnight release MAG has already sold in pre release Sales excess of 150k... it's enough to merit a midnight launh.

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DS363185d ago

and ive played them all this game is just fun as hell (plus i got my headst)