By The Book: Novels That Should Become Games writes: "Once upon a time, there were no video games to be played. The living room did not glow in the television's light, and the neighbors could not be disturbed by the relentless thrumming of your subwoofer. In these times, people turned to books for entertainment. Quietly nestled in the warmest region of the home, the imagination could take flight into distant lands and exotic adventures, all without the need for a motion-detection controller. Richly laden with sweeping tales of incredible scope, it is surprising that literary works seem rarely consulted as sources of inspiration for video games.

"No matter how the experience plays out, games are always more engrossing when built upon the foundation of a strong story. When considering what novels could be well-suited for video-game adaptations, countless examples spring to mind – but for brevity's sake, here are a few."

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reintype3218d ago (Edited 3218d ago )

1. The Seer King Trilogy by Chris Bunch
2. The Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin
3. The Recluce Sage by LE Modesitt jr.
4. The Corean Chronicles by LE Modesitt jr.
5. The Sun Sword series by Michelle West
6. The War of Light and Shadows by Janny Wurts
7. The Empire Trilogy by Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts
8. The Tyrants and Kings Trilogy by John Marco
9. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan- God bless his soul
10. The Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson
11. The Sword of Shadows by JV Jones
12. Any book by David Gemmell
13. Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold
14. Chalion series by Lois McMaster Bujold
15. The Prince of Nothing Trilogy by R Scott Bakker
16. The Last Legion and Star Risk series by Chris Bunch
17. The Night Dawn's Trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton
18. The Uplift Saga by David Brin
19. Darkness series by Harry Turtledove
20. Crown of Stars series by Kate Elliott

Kyrwolf3217d ago

Great list, reintype. Wheel of Time was a video game, though, by GT Intertactive. I had it and it was not bad for the time frame, like 10 years ago.

reintype3217d ago

I know that there was someone making a game based on the Wheel of Time, but I never heard from it again. Because of this, I thought it never got made. I guess, it just got lost in the shuffle.

I think this is the game you spoke off:

The only game that was based on a book, that I know of was, Raymond E. Feist's Betrayal at Krondor. It was made by Dynamix and published by Sierra. God, I love this game. There was a sequel to this game too, but I wasn't enamored of it as much as this one.

There was also a rumor back then, that someone would be making a game based on Brian Jacques's Redwall series, I guess that one fell through too.

Another series that I forgot to mention in my list, that would also make for a great game would be, David Eddings's Mallorean and Belgariad.

Kyrwolf3217d ago

game released in 1999, and that does look like the box I once had. I remember great storm effects. Was playing it sitting in a gamer's chair and when thunder cracked through the speakers in the headrest, I just about set a record for height in the sitting jump.

James Clemens' novels might make for a good game as well.

reintype3217d ago (Edited 3217d ago )

It's a Great read and I am eagerly awaiting the sequel.

I will admit, I am not familiar with his other works. Unlike the ones, I've mentioned in my list. I actually discovered him by chance. Liked the cover of the book, and just bought it on impulse.