Microsoft: 2010 Best Year For 360, No Need For Blu-Ray

CC: 2010 will be a great year for gaming. There's no doubt about that. And Microsoft are confident it'll be the best year in the Xbox 360's history, since being released in 2005.

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tdrules3219d ago

b-b-b-b-bu BluRay geifs gud grafix!!!

thorstein3219d ago

Why does MS continuously state obsurdities? "Blu ray: not important, 3D: not important, HDDVD is where the future lies. That and MOTION control. No one has done motion control and cameras before!!!!"

lulz The horseless carriage was a "fad" too.

mjolliffe3219d ago

I think BluRay's legendary :) It wouldn't hurt them to put it in. But gamers would have to pay more when they buy their 360.

It's a mixed feeling from me whether they should get Blu-Ray.

Either way I think it'll be a great year for both 360 and PS3 :)

captain-obvious3219d ago

yah its not needed MS but i wonder why a lot of games right now on the 360 comes out in multiple DVD's
and guess what MS you need to get with the times
i don't see any one using cartridges in there console right now

Game13a13y3219d ago

they call that the best year for the 360? oh mine... they are really full of shxt...

tdrules3219d ago

Bluray will be the last optical format, its inevitable.

s8anicslayer3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

why would MS add a blue ray drive to the 360 just to eliminate the so called disc swapping crap? who cares if you have to swap discs? not me and many others as well, it will just raise the price of the 360 core, pro and elite when MS could just do other things to improve the 360's quality like adding wifi or making a hard drive's standard on all models? In my opinion I would much rather have wifi on my elite then a blue ray drive.

lociefer3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

ya who needs bluray and awesome graphics ? lets just have ALL our games in unreal engine and our movies dvd quality, might as well throw in faulty hardware,how about insult over injury?, a payable online service !

40cal3219d ago

Microsoft, you have already been proven dead wrong with this one.

Stop lying to us like we are all stupid. More importantly stop lying to yourself.

Godmars2903219d ago

Just like it can't take direct advantage of 3D.

360-only owners, MS has made your bed, now you have to lie in it!

ryuzu3219d ago

This will be a good (possibly even the greatest, but I'm not convinced on that yet) year for 360.

The problem for MS is, what comes next? Given that after a good 2008, 2009 was poor by their standards, if 2010 is very good, then presumably 2011 is going to be worse than 09.

Without many first party studios (and the ones they've got are hardly great), they're going to be at the mercy of 3rd parties...

I just hope they can hold it together otherwise this generation will have shown once again, that forward thinking beats short term money making.


presto7173219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

What the hell was I even thinking.

Saying bluray isn't needed makes it seem like you're stuck in the past.

gaffyh3219d ago

@tdrules - So Blu-ray the last optical format, and digital distribution is the future. But when PSPgo came out, the first EVER system that supports digital distribution only, everyone says it's a pile of crap and digital distro sucks.

Believe me, Blu-Ray will not be the last optical format, but it will lead the way for the next 5-10 years.

heroicjanitor3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

They aren't as good at making hardware as sony, they could never shrink those components down to affordable prices. Also they can't use blu ray now since everyone else has dvd, they would all have to buy new consoles, so of course he'll say it isn't needed even though mass effect and forza etc all need multiple discs.

They were compressed as much as possible because all developers like to release on one disc, that's where dvd limits this generation, developers developing games which fit on one dvd, rather than not worrying about space. I always hear people saying developers would have to spend more to make blu ray sized games but that isn't the way it is(maybe it was at the start), they are using more effort to shrink onto one dvd at this point.

@wicko I know that my point was that if they made blu ray games people with dvd 360s wouldn't be able to play them.

gameraxis3219d ago

but reach, and ME2 are the only games on that list that are potentially going to be high caliber GAMING (not sales) as they rise to the top in their respective genres...

crackdown? and alan wake? was crackdown really that good? and before you spam, i played crackdown in its ENTIRETY. but come on, just because it was the stepping stone to a great beta (h3 beta) doesn't mean it deserves to be on the ammo list. and alan wake? that to me looks like a great B title game...(same with heavy rain imo)

so,so far we have hreach, and me2...

my point is they are putting in filler, and then saying blueray is not necessary in games.. but if maybe they embraced blueray they COULD have more high caliber games to fill out the year instead of claiming greatness from really good B titles.

Now believe me, when sony was hurting for games, i felt it, and i kept waiting for the magic machine to spit out some awesome games, some of which the caliber has not been seen on console (or pc MUCH) before, and it has happened. so i guess what I'm saying is microsoft needs to give us an U2 factor, a K2 factor, and a GOW factor... for US, because right now (although i agree there are great games on all 3 systems) it seems like there's 3 tiers out there, as far as quality in games and production values go, and I'm tired of it going unnoticed

CWMR3219d ago

-Bluray is not needed for this generation. Only a small fraction of games require more than one disc and having a few multi-disc games is no problem at all.

Besides, it would be pointless to add in a Bluray drive at this point. The Bluray drive could not be used for games because that would make it impossible for current 360 owners to play those games and they cannot splinter their user base like that. Basically, all it would really be for is a way for 360 owners to play Bluray movies on their console. But with the falling costs of stand alone Bluray players what's the point?-

wicko3219d ago


BluRay is backwards compatible with DVDs.. but anyway they could easily make an attachment like they did with the HD-DVD drive.

Ghostsmoker3219d ago

the line-up is pretty good for the 360. But you simply need both systems. And it's not that much expensive and exaggerated like it seems.

Wu Tang 4 ever

lowcarb3219d ago

I'm excited for all those games including Fable3 and a few more games i can't think of at the moment. PS3's line up doesn't seem to impressive to me from what I've seen so I guess it's all about opinion. I say we wait and see what MS is talking about because obviously they have some good stuff in store for gamers throughout the year.

Genesis53219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Well maybe they don't need it. But it sure is nice to have. It just seems odd that a high tech company like MS is content to live in the 20th century.

3219d ago
cereal_killa3219d ago

Of course they would say that, it's too late to add Blu-Ray into the 360 but what about the next gen system your going to need to upgrade to something you certainly cant rely on DVD9 again it wont work for them to keep falling behind the times.

Game13a13y3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

that sounds an awful lot like when Sony released CD-Rom for the PS1 back in the days and Nintendo chose to stick with their last gen format cartridge. and look what happened to Nintendo after the N64. and later, Sony released DVD-Rom when they launched the PS2 and killed off Sega Dreamcast, which runs with another last gen format CD-Rom. well, history does repeat itself folks.

randomwiz3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

1. Its too late to add a bluray drive
2. Its pointless to add a bluray drive to the console
3. Its pointless to sell 360 games in dvd and bluray versions
4. A bluray drive addon would make no sense right now, as a microsoft addon would probably be more expensive than a standalone player, because they would probably charge a ridiculous price for it, as with every other 360 accessory.

"PC, Wii, Onlive, and 360 "
not every pc has a bluray drive so it would be stupid to make bluray games for the pc right now. Wii doesn't need a bluray drive with its maximum 480p output and shovelware titles. Onlive... putting this on this list makes you look like an idiot. you can try to spin it anyway you wanted but if everything used a bluray drive, it would be better

Bathyj3219d ago

Having 2 testicles isnt needed either.

Still, Im glad I do.

Anon19743219d ago

The article had this caption under the Halo Reach picture. "Halo Reach expected to be Game of the Year"

By who? No offense to the fine people at Bungie, they've consistently put out an excellent product - but we've seen nothing about this game yet. I could just as easily say the next Duke Nukem is a shoo in for GOTY. I don't know anything yet about that game either.

JokesOnYou3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Definition of Need:
A requirement, necessary duty, or obligation.

Bluray is NOT a REQUIREMENT for great HD graphics, great story telling, or great gameplay.

Bluray is NOT a NECESSARY for great HD graphics, great story telling, or great gameplay.

Microsoft is NOT a OBLIGATED TO USE BLURAY for great HD graphics, great story telling, or great gameplay.

Bluray is nice to have because the only thing it does is INCREASE STORAGE CAPACITY compared to DVD9, nothing more. Micro/dev's solution is using multiple disc's. I for one don't think that is the ideal situation but it doesn't have any impact on my enjoyment of a great game, you'll never hear a real gamer finish a great game and thank bluray for its greatness, however the elite sony extremists on n4g will act like playing a game on multiple discs is a major issue. Some cars now have "Push Button Ignition", its a convenience not a neccesity, just like Bluray and neither of them make either products performance better.




-Both are Amazing games on 2 different media formats, the only real difference is that you have to swap disc's when playing ME2. "OMG that makes ME2 full of fail" lol, yeah right. Case closed.


edit: Thanks for the heads up, I fixed the link from the source. Also, your statement about SO4 changes nothing, the game is on multiple disc's you can still play and enjoy the same area's, occasionally you just need to get up and switch the disc, any extra content is a matter of the game releasing much later on the ps3, added content is an incentive for buying what is essentially a old 360 game.

Solidus187-SCMilk3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Next gen sony and microsoft will both use bluray and it will be much faster than 2x with better consoles. This gen it clearly isnt needed as the wii doesnt even let you watch DVDs yet.

Gafyf- People dont want a psp because its just smaller, no umD(limits existing library) AnD ITS 250$$. WAy to expensive for old hardware.

Next gen will have bluray in SONY and MS console and probably offer most new games for DL too.

Godmars2903219d ago

No, BR isn't needed, but it does provide room to advance all of the things you mentioned. And it does in fact change things as in the case of SO4, where before you had to switch discs to revisit worlds, you can now roam freely.

And BTW: none of your links work.

Rampant3219d ago

Why is bluray needed? So far I can play all my games on the 360 without a bluraydrive. And when the developers need more space they just add extra discs.

So... why is it needed?

hiyaku3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Microsoft continues flapping their gums. Nothing new.

In this day and age where technology is constantly changing, Microsoft still denies that bluray is needed.

But it's too late to add it anyway.

gaffyh3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

@Rampant - Tell me why DVD is needed? Why didn't we just stick with CDs? Better yet, why didn't we just stick to cartridges for consoles?

The whole point of Blu-Ray was to advance gaming, if you're so blind to see that, it is clear that you are a fanboy. Also if you can't tell that this is just MS' PR babble to downplay Blu-Ray because it is now too late for them to jump on to it, then you are just stupid.

The Maxx3219d ago

Why are you "Sign"ing?

You just completely agreed with JokesOnYou. Like he said "Bluray is nice to have because the only thing it does is INCREASE STORAGE CAPACITY compared to DVD9, nothing more." so your comment " And it does in fact change things as in the case of SO4, where before you had to switch discs to revisit worlds, you can now roam freely." is redundant since since that is obvious with what JokesOnYou said regarding the increase of storage capacity.

So I ask again...why are you "sigh"ing?

lowcarb3219d ago

Actually I wish we went back to cartridge.

JokesOnYou3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

lmfao, yeah Godsmar and I agree, still it seems somehow he doesn't get it, which is why I further explained it to him in my edit of that post. btw Godsmar check out the links, I fixed them from the source instead of copy & paste from one of my older posts.

gaffyh, bluray didn't "advance" gaming, bluray isn't a new "technique", it isn't a new post processing technique, it isn't a new motion capture technique, etc, its more space to do all that on >>1<< disc, hardware performance and developer creativity is what "advances gaming", bluray is great but lets call a spade a spade, bluray is a dvd with more space.= You can go to a buffet and get a huge plate of food at once, or you can get the same amount of food on 2 plates, idealy one plate is more convenient, but either way the food tastes the same.

I see the problem here, ps3 extremists think that if you say Bluray is NOT needed, then you are bashing bluray/ps3, but no one is saying bluray is bad, what we're saying is at this point its NOT NEEDED for gaming. It *IS however a plus for sony/dev's, in the sense that it makes some dev issue's easier for developers(space), thats it. Microsoft clearly will downplay it because 360 doesn't have it, were you expecting them to say 360 games will look like shiii without it, lol but in truth they are correct, I mean look around you, look at the past and present games= bluray is NOT NEEDED, Now anybody who says its not better than DVD9= more convenient is lying, but thats not what we're talking about here.


SaberEdge3219d ago

Look at some of these PS3 fans fighting desperately to convince the world that Bluray is some huge boon to gaming, when the reality is it has a very small impact overall. Maybe 3% of the 360's 800+ games have used more than one disc. And you know what? For those few games like Lost Odyssey that did have multiple discs it didn't bother me in the slightest.

Some of you worship Sony to such a degree that you can't even see how it would have been stupid of Microsoft to put Bluray in the 360. They had no idea whether HD DVD or Blu-ray would win the format war and betting fully on the loser could have been a huge negative, so they dodged that bullet right there. Second, they realized that the Blu-ray drives available at that time were slower than the matured DVD drives which had much higher read speeds. Third, the vast majority of games this generation do not need any more space than the DVD9 format provides. In fact, most games are not even filling a DVD. Adding Blu-ray to the 360 would have resulted in a significant increase in the cost of the console with very little benefit.

Blu-ray was Sony's baby and they used the PS3 as a trojan horse to try to get Blu-ray into people's homes, but Microsoft had no such vested interest.

Going with DVD for one last generation was the right move for Microsoft.

Geriatric Hero3219d ago

There's no need for motion controls either, but that's just my OPINION.

raztad3219d ago

LMAO at those xbox fans trying to convince themselves DVD is enough, and DD is the future. I can bet you they will say it was an incredible good move for MS no to have a standard Hard Drive, it isnt needed as well right?

Whoever cant see/understand MS dumped both HighDef drive and standard HardDisk as producing cost cutting measures back in 2005 while rushing to be the first in the market is a blind fanboy.

Godmars2903219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

I'm "sigh"ing because the whole "Blu-ray isn't needed" argument is wholly pointless. Its like arguing about gravity after you've jumped off a cliff.

BR does have benefits over DVD9 but it is pointless to ignore much less dismiss those benefits after you've chosen to go with DVD9, and yet MS and its fanbase continue to do so.

MS sells the Arcade SKU w/o a HDD, ships Forza 3 on two discs, and somehow an arcade owner hasn't been screwed because he has no way to play the game's "extra" content.

That's what 360 owners have to deal with, so deal with it. Stop saying the other guy f***ed up.

Its wholly missed on you that there are tons more environmental artifacts in UC2 than there are for ME2 isn't it? Bullet ricochets. Plants. Weather effects. The flames in ME2 don't even look organic or natural. Not saying they look bad, just pre-rendered.

And really, wasn't the real argument about BR was the costs it added to the PS3? Now that's no longer an issue but you're still making it one.

aaronisbla3219d ago

Blu ray is a nice addition, not sure why the 360 loyalists feel the need to downplay it at every chance they get, but i also dont see why sony loyalists feel the need to defend it either. I play fvckin video games, whether its on a cartridge, dvd, or blu ray.

If its needed for a big game then so be it. But at the end of the day, im enjoying games like UC2, Gears1 and 2, ME2 and so on and could give a fvck less if its on any of those disk formats.

Its like you guys just love to argue for the sake of argue. STFU and play ur games

The Maxx3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

"That's what 360 owners have to deal with, so deal with it"

I'm a 360 owner and I don't have to deal with it. I have an Elite 360. So that makes no sense. A customer that chooses to pick up an arcade unit 360 is not a hard core gamer. So a game like forza 3 are not going to be something they are interested it. They would rather pick a game like PURE or something from the NFS series. Also if they really wanted to play the larger more hardcore games, then they still have the option of purchasing an HDD.

Nobody is saying that Blu-ray is bad, so stop protecting it and acting like someone just insulted your mother in front of you. Point is Blu-ray is not NEEDED. It is not a necessity for gaming but rather a convince.

Also "The flames in ME2 don't even look organic or natural. Not saying they look bad, just pre-rendered." has absolutely NOTHING to do with the storage format ie. Blu-ray or DVD9. You just don't get it do you. Graphics have NOTHING to do with storage. It's the HARDWARE. Why do games like Bayonetta or Ghostbusters look better on the 360? It has nothing to do with the storage device.

Serg3219d ago

Nooo, BluRay isn't needed, as long is devs can cut their games in half to make them fit on a DVD, why use BluRay...

@People who think BR is not necessary: You are dumb.

Epedemic3219d ago

sorry but M$'s best year was 2006, the year they had no competition lol. 2007 too(a lot of good exclusives) but other than that, they lost the rest of the years.

Rampant3219d ago

DVD: 95% of games are 1 disc, the rest are a maximum of 4.
CD: 95% of games would be 4-5 discs, the rest up to 20.

That's why dvds are needed. But what if i put bluray into that comparison:

Bluray: 95% of games are 0.25-0.5 discs, the rest are 0.5-1 disc...

I'm asking why bluray is needed for the 360? I get a lot of good games, almost as impressive graphically as their PS3 counterpart, and the console will probably be around for a few years still.

Godmars2903219d ago

Like I said before, and like I will doubtless have to say again, I'm sick of hearing the argument. Choices were made and now have to be accepted. Yet for some reason MS and their fanbase keeps bringing up the past.

evrfighter3219d ago

pc gaming has proved Digital Distribution works. You may scream and cry about cap limits and what not but if you were to look around in the steam forums. There are tons of aussie gamers who in a capped country still make it work.

blu-ray is not needed for gaming. For the hd movie then ya, you'd have a good argument. But I still have not bought a blu-ray movie, I'd rather download it.

Microsoft played their cards right.

baum3219d ago

Blu-ray is not needed just like optical disc media is not needed (we'd be fine with cartridges). Hell, we don't even need extra RAM or good CPUs and GPUs, or Natal.

A SNES would be just fine.

gaffyh3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

So for those idiots that are saying Blu-Ray isn't needed, what would you be saying if the tables were turned and Xbox had Blu-Ray, but PS3 didn't.

Oh that's right, you;d go back on your word, f***ing hypocrites.

@JOY - PS3 represents an upgrade in almost every sense from PS2. HDD, more disc space, more power, in-built network/wifi, in-built HD from DAY ONE, future proof (3D REQUIRES Blu-Ray). Now think about Xbox -> Xbox 360. So what, Blu-Ray isn't needed for 3D now? How about the games, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, MGS4, GT5? All of them use a LOT of disc space.

I don't mind multi-disc, a lot of my 360 games are multi-disc, but I DO MIND when people are just blithering idiots. Multi-disc is fine for RPGs, though even then it causes limitations, but now it is going on to other genres. Forza 3's second disc has to be installed, which is ridiculous, it's a racing game.

If you had a choice, you would choose one disc over multi any day, unless you are clinically insane and think you are an onion :).

Christopher3219d ago

From a business standpoint, why the heck would Microsoft go with a higher capacity form when third party publishers are paying double royalties to put games out on two discs and still making a profit?

pixelsword3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Infamous vs Prototype sealed it for me... there are other games I can compare, but these two are the most parallel until Alan Wake/Heavy Rain can be compared competently.

I'm not saying that they are wrong, I'm just saying that I disagree; although they may be correct in terms of their plans.

Information Minister3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

You know... There was a time when people thought DVD wasn't needed. *cough*Dreamcast*cough*

You need advancements in hardware if you want the software to evolve, otherwise we would still be playing the ATARI 2600. And the fact remains that Blu-Ray opens up new possibilities for developers.

Did the Blu-Ray detractors on this story ever stop to think that maybe the reason why only a few games take advantage of the added possibilities is because they just aren't there in other platforms?

And to the people advocating digital downloads, I've got 2 words: "bandwidth caps". Not to mention the time it can take to download gigabytes of data. Digital downloads will most likely co-exist with optical media.

Saaking3219d ago

The best year for the 360 will continue to be 2007. That was the peak of the 360. It's gone downhill since.

Saaking3219d ago

MS, still stuck in the past. Their lineup is good this year, but it's nothing compared to Sony's.

JokesOnYou3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

raztad, "I can bet you they will say it was an incredible good move for MS no to have a standard Hard Drive,"

-lol you don't even really know the position of those you attack, been on this site along time, there is no "unanimous" position of 360 owners but I can tell you the vast majority like me(check my history) have always acknowledge that the lack of HDD in every 360 sku hurts the 360 overall. I still stand behind my many statements that micro should have had HDD standard. lol, if you think I won't say micro has made mistakes this gen, then you're wrong and I don't switch my position like sony extremists.

baum, "Hell, we don't even need extra RAM or good CPUs and GPUs, or Natal."

-It's funny how you completely overlook that those are things that "increase performance" while bluray vs dvd is NOT a performance issue, it is a "storage issue", in other words if you can replicate the same data on >>1<< bluray and put that data on >>2 or 3<< disc's, other than disc swapping, installs there would be NO difference in the performance of that data. However if you took a game that was really taxing a console that had a huge amount of ram, cpu or gpu horspower and tried to run the same data with a console with half the amount of ram, cpu or gpu horsepower it simply WOULD NOT WORK. The game would simply stall and be nearly unplayable. I don't know how clear I can make this to you guys, bluray & dvd just hold data...bluray holds more on 1 disc, and you can replicate that by using multiple dvd's, if that bother's you then yes FOR YOU bluray is an absolute must to enjoy a videogame. Natal is a whole different ballgame, don't have time to expand upon it but that deals with A CHANGE IN HOW WE "INTERACT"/control the game itself, now if you think new ways of interacting with games is not needed then fine, you're not interested. Gamers will decide if they like it, but 360 has been actively on the market 4+ yrs, and this deep in its life cycle compared to bluray its doing quite well with amazing games, which further demonstrates at least for now bluray is not needed.

gaffyh, "PS3 represents an upgrade in almost every sense from PS2."

-yeah, so what, nothing I said disagree's with that, still doesn't make bluray a neccessity for gaming. lol, you can tell when you're losing an arguement because you go ranting off topic.

-Really it's a no brainer, 360 games compete very well in quality and continue to progress, ps3 games are NOT significantly longer, do NOT contain NO MORE GAMEPLAY content, and do NOT perform any better, and many of the best games are multiplatform despite what some will tell you, then they both have some awesome exclusives, neither of which do anything that you can honestly say cannot be done on the other, other than it won't be because its exclusive. Look I'll just leave you guys to your opinions and we can agree to disagree despite all the evidence supporting my position.


Rampant3219d ago

Yeah, I think all the sony fanboys in disguise in here have the wrong idea about "needed".

Every game coming to the 360 this year will run without a bluray player. Therefore, it is not needed. People will buy the console for the games anyway. If Microsoft had slammed a cd player in the 360 noone would have bought the console because they would have had to switch discs every 3 hours of gaming. Therefore, DVD is what's needed.

Goodnight, go COLTS!

Bodyboarder_VGamer3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

You know why FFXIII it's so linear, has no towns, NPC, shops or any kind of exploration or backtracking? Because of DVD. Because of MS holding back Square is why huge chunks of the game got removed...

When I was in the last disc in FFVIII the only accessible area was Ultimecia's castle. You couldn't enter to any towns even when they were on the map and you know why? Space limitation. Same problem as the X360, it is like going back into the 90's all over again. Many games that provide DLC just after the game was released is because of the Xbox. Basically they been holding back this entire generation because they started first this gen and made a considerable big-enough install base first than Sony so everything's a port for the PS3.

Now we can only hope for Sony first party exclusives to bring us games like Uncharted 2 with great graphics and content and please GOD, let FFvsXIII stay as an exclusive! I don't want anymore gimped games... FF is one of the few series that even to these days I still enjoy it.

Why Blu-ray is not needed for X360 games? Because they are creating the games with the limitation in mind but that doesn't change the fact that devs will need to remove some content from their games to make them appropriate for a DVD. Even Forza 3, a racing game has 2 discs and Turn 10 had to remove lots of things from the game like the weather system. And what about Star Ocean IV that has new characters, boss battles, full voice acting, additional story pieces, etc. Those are a lot of things removed from the X360 version you know but Tri-Ace still made the game. But the game's a port so I don't believe it'll look that great on PS3 compared to its original version. X360 ports don't look great on PS3.

starchild3219d ago

Look, let's put this issue to bed. Blu-ray is not needed for games this generation. It provides slightly more convenience on a very small number of titles, but nothing else.

If you look at the ratio of advantages to disadvantages that Blu-ray brings with it it is clear that there are more disadvantages than advantages.

Blu-ray offers more storage content, but which format is more in line with current demands? Somewhere around 96% of games fit just fine on a DVD. On the other hand the capacity that Blu-ray offers is very rarely needed.

Now, at this point some people would claim that it is better to have that capacity there if you need it than to not have it, and in the absence of other considerations this would be true. However, we must also consider the downsides of having Blu-ray in the PS3. The Blu-ray drive in the PS3 is slower and developers have explained that it is the reason many of them have to end up using mandatory installations.

Jason Booth, a former Turbine and Harmonix developer, explained that Blu-ray is "great for watching movies, but not so great for games. Getting data off the Blu-ray drive takes about twice as long as it does to get the same data off the 360's DVD drive. That translates into longer load times, or god forbid if you're streaming from disk, tighter constraints on the amount of data you can stream." He goes on to say, "most developers who use the entire Blu-ray drive are doing it to work around other problems with the PS3 such as its slow loading. For instance, in Resistance: Fall of Man, every art asset is stored on disk once for every level that uses it. So rather than storing one copy of a texture, you're storing it 12 times. If you took that entire game and removed all the duplicate data, it would likely fit on a DVD without any problem."

So, on the positive side we see that perhaps 4% of current games benefit from Blu-ray in the sense that they are able to be played off one disc without switching. On the negative side, however, the slower Blu-ray drive also causes many PS3 games to require partial installations. Anywhere from one fifth to one forth of all PS3 games require some form of installation. This list shows around 87 PS3 games that require an installation and it is not even a complete list.
In summary, Blu-ray provides a small benefit on a handful of games, but at the cost of having to deal with mandatory installations for around a quarter of all PS3 games. It is clear that the negatives far outweigh the positives.

N4Flamers3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

how does one positive and one negative tip the scales in any ones favor.

On point if you play a game like LO that has multiple discs you wont mind because they are so spaced out. when you play SO4 you become annoyed getting up every couple of minutes to switch a disc because you want to synthesize something, then having to get back up to switch again after the two seconds it took you to synth that item. If you want the achievements in that game you're going to get a work out too. Dont argue with me on that the game makes you do it because of item limitations.

I dont believe bluray is needed but it sure is nice to have. It wouldnt make sense for MS to put it in 360's now, but maybe on their next console. People if you think they care about giving money to sony, watch those windows commercials with the vaios in them.

Guido3218d ago

Disc swapping is!


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gameseveryday3219d ago

Blu ray is needed . But may me Microsoft thinks in a different way. who knows!

rambi803219d ago

cheaper hard drives may be the better option

wicko3219d ago

Being able to use any harddrive you want would be even better. Of course that is never going to happen, how would MS make money off that?

Double Toasted3219d ago

then NO Blu-ray isn't needed.

KratoOwnsAll3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Yup, only overpriced HDDVD add-on player and Natal are needed. ;)

Edit: Whops, sorry I forgot HD DVD lost the format war. :(

Chubear3219d ago

The 360 has no games at all. Just a dependence on halo halo halo. For a 5year console, very sad indeed.

CWMR3219d ago

-PS3 has no games, only movies. Good thing you droids have Blu-ray huh?-

Trebius3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Blu-ray?? Who needs blu-ray! Compress the Video/Audio and make games Sub-HD to solve that problem!

Wi-fi?? Who needs built in Wi-Fi? No one uses that kind of technology anyway!

Bluetooth?? Pfft! Wireless technology is overrated! We LIKE wires!

Web Browser?? Who needs a Web Browser anyway? We'll just integrate Facebook and make them pay to use it!

Hard Drives?? Now why would ANYONE need a built-in hard drive?? Theres no need for that!

Free Online?? That's a thing of the past, the FUTURE is PAY!

High Definition?? pfft! PLEEEEASE! That's just a fad, it wont last.

3D gaming?? Eh! It seems like a good idea on paper, but it'll NEVER take off like NATAL will!

1st/2nd Party devs?? PFFT! SONY has over 20 developing studios for no reason! We're fine with our 3! Matter of fact we'll shut another studio down to save a buck this year!

M$ is full of sh!t, ALWAYS, but no one will ever call them out on it in this country cause the media has them all brainwashed.

@CWMR - lol that argument worked in 2007 maybe, but now the 360's the one with no games. Look at the ps3 exclusive list then talk to us again're obviously butt-hurt cause HD-DvD died, and cause you've been playing Gears 2 and Halo 3 for 3 years, and now youll be playing MW2 til REACH comes out.

360 has no games, and CANT play Hi-Def movies, so what the F does it have?? lol


If everyone thought like you did, we'd be stuck in the stone age. Everything has to evolve, just because wires dont BOTHER you doesnt mean its still needed. I dont see how anyone can say they Prefer a WIRED remote over a WIRELESS remote, that's just your fanboy talking, buddy :)

mcnablejr3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

who needs wifi? not everybody, i use wires for my ps3, its alot better =)

who needs bluetooth? not everybody, my xbox 360 controllers are nice and wire free.

Who needs a web browser? people without a pc, oh wait , everyone here has one. the ps3 web browser is not good.

hard drive? im pretty sure most of them have one, apart from people who do not require memory, i.e they pay less.

free online? your right, the future is pay, thats why the psn hasnt moved since release.

High definition. ? your confusing me, thats what the hdmi connection is for.

3d gaming, lets just hope it doesnt take off like the ps3 did.

@ above, obviously i dont prefer wired controllers, thats not what i said. but its obviously not essential, i still use a wired mouse, i just dont see the problem with them.

learn to read.

as for wifi, the signal strength i get while my ps3 is wireless, is normally high but still its unreliable and cuts out refgularly. wires are alot more effective if you dont mind a bit of diy to hide it.

The Maxx3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

Who needs Blu-ray? - I don't need blu-ray to game. GTA4 was done on a DVD 9 and a Blu-ray disc, and yet the resolution was lower on the PS3 version. So Blu-ray didn't help one of the highest rated games thus far this gen.

Wi-fi?? Who needs built in Wi-Fi? - I don't need Wi-Fi since my PS3 and 360 are hardwired. It's a nice option to have it already added, but it is not needed, and I prefer it hardwired because it's a better/faster connection than Wi-fi.

Bluetooth?? Pfft! - Well I have wireless controllers and battery packs, so my controllers are not wired, and when my battery runs out I just swap the battery pack while if my PS3 controller dies, i have to connect it to the PS3...thus being wired. And as for Mics, I use the wireless bluetooth

Free Online?? That's a thing of the past, the FUTURE is PAY! - last time I checked Sony was thinking of making PSN users PAY for online features that are included in xbox live

What's the difference if Sony pays for inhouse devs to make an exclusive game or if MS pays to outsources 3rd party devs to make exclusives? They are both paying for an exclusive.

How is MS full of Sh1t? Because they created a product that fits in the budget of most consumers, and can achieve just as great gameplay and games as Sony's product? You think that MS is last gen yet Xbox live is WAY beyond PSN. You don't think Sony has taken any ideas from MS? Like trophies, the menu button on the controller, online play was not even a consideration for the PS3 until they realized that there was a demand for it because of Xbox Live. And how about Sony using the same controller that they have used for the last 20 years?

Don't let your clear Sony Loyalty blind you from the truth.

talltony3219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

"Who needs Blu-ray? - I don't need blu-ray to game. GTA4 was done on a DVD 9 and a Blu-ray disc, and yet the resolution was lower on the PS3 version. So Blu-ray didn't help one of the highest rated games thus far this gen."

I find it so funny that people think like this. Do you really think a multiplat like GTA4 will take advantage of Bluray? really? How much you want to bet the agent will have a higher rez, look better than GTA4, and use bluray. So many things were taken out of GTA4 just so it can fit on a freakin dvd its not even funny. Its a fact that more space equals a bigger canvas for devs to make games on, they are limited on dvd especially if they are trying to make it fit on one during development.

"Free Online?? That's a thing of the past, the FUTURE is PAY! - last time I checked Sony was thinking of making PSN users PAY for online features that are included in xbox live"

haha What if people dont care about cross game chat, is the future still pay when sony gives optional things to pay for? Whats free right now will always be free on psn. The future is free with "options" with huge dedicated servers not mandatory pay with cross game chat lol