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Halo Reach: Now Bungie wants you to design your own emblem

GB writes: "If you are still waiting for Halo Reach and don't have anything better to do, than you can probably enter in a contest by Bungie. In this contest, you have to design the Halo Reach logo which will be used in one of the scenes in the game. " (Halo Series, Xbox 360)

movements  +   1944d ago
This is shaping up to be a great game!
Bungie  +   1944d ago
nothing dirty

keep it clean.
Saaking  +   1944d ago
nouman1989  +   1944d ago
I am already in!
kaveti6616  +   1944d ago
IaMs12  +   1944d ago
Nice little contest nothing big but it gets the community more involved i like this. I hope they do something similar to multiplayer map design
Immortal321  +   1944d ago
blizzard_cool  +   1944d ago
This is pretty cool :D
Double Toasted  +   1944d ago
I'm got something...
...I want to try but then again if I don't win they'll probably get to keep it...no?
Obama  +   1944d ago
the RROD logo would be awesome :D
Voozi  +   1943d ago
Why not just give us emblem customization tools in game and allow us to create our own emblem in Reach and use that?

Armored Core allows you to do this for example
RockmanII7  +   1943d ago
You will be able to edit your emblem slightly, but not entirely because most peoples emblems would be copywrited material or porn.

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