Splinter Cell: Conviction release date secured

CVG: Ubisoft confirms delayed game will now arrive in April

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slave2Dcontroller3159d ago

At least the game will debut Q1.

heroprotagonist3159d ago

Nice to hear. Conviction is one of my most anticipated upcoming games. Now I just need to figure out how I am going to afford all of them.

HammockGames3159d ago

This game is definitely on my list of "must plays" for this spring.

mephman3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

This is old news surely. The April release was given when the delay was announced last week. Just because CVG posted it yesterday, it doesn't make it new.

blue7xx73159d ago

I know right they said it was going to be delayed until april. So this is kinda old.

Lehman Brothers3159d ago

another great game for XBox360 and Windows PC.

IaMs123159d ago

Love how you got disagreed for stating PC and Xbox360 in the same sentence as great. Splinter Cell will be awesome

chak_3159d ago

slipped to new fiscal year eh ubi?

I won't complain seeing everything we get to play right now

dgroundwater3159d ago

Yeah that's the truth. They pushed it back to polish their investor portfolios. The game is done.

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The story is too old to be commented.