What's Your Gamer Snack?

GB writes: "As a follow up to What's Your Gamer Drink? we at GB decided to do a roundup of Gamer Snacks. Keeping yourself hydrated is important, but keeping yourself fed is just as important during extended playthroughs. So when you're fragging dudes, enduring horrible lag during Modern Warfare or just waiting for a load screen to go away, you had better keep your energy up and your hand firmly on the controller."

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mjolliffe3221d ago

Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

gameseveryday3221d ago

Well it really drops downs to ones personal choice. I personally eat pizza very less. But the thing is, people normally forget to wash their hands when they are having food, and with those hands they continue to play with their controllers, which than stink afterwards.

Myst3221d ago

I agree with mj0lliffe. Pizza and Italian Cheese bread for me when I get a new game or rent, other times I'd say pizza if I go and get it or just some chips.

@Rashid Sayed: Yeah I used to have that problem as well until I just grabbed some napkins from the kitchen. At least for the grease on the pizza or whatever, then again I usually only have to touch the pizza once and that is to put it in my mouth. Then I'll just slowly eat away at it.

Darkstorn3221d ago

I try not to eat anything messy while I game, so things like popcorn (buttered lightly, of course) and pretzels do the trick for me.
Doritos get all over the controller, do I don't eat those.

Lifendz3221d ago

Pizza is, of course, a top five favorite. Wings are a little messy because you have to constantly wipe you hands as you grab the controller. Sandwiches are good except it usually requires a good amount of time to hold the sandwich, take a bite, and not get food everywhere.

So pardon me if I come off as a Cosmopolitan type of guy but I'm leaning towards sushi. Easy to pick up and throw in your mouth and very little mess or grease involved. Plus it's not nearly as bad for you as Pizza (calories wise) so you can pig out. Probably in the minority here though.

Mr Logic3221d ago

Personally I like pretzels. Easy to eat and not greasy at all.

D4RkNIKON3221d ago

get your greasy hands off of my Dualshock3!

Epedemic3221d ago

boneless buffalo wings... with blue cheese.. and I use a fork, won't get my controller greasy. ;)

MasterChief36243221d ago

My favorite gamer snack is Goldfish. Tasty, [kind of] healthy, not too messy, and go great with Diet Coke.


Saaking3221d ago

Yep, nothing beats pizza.

Darkstorn3221d ago

Goldfish? Healthy? *facepalm

lordgodalming3221d ago

Ginger green tea. Keeps the mind and reflexes sharp for farming black phantoms.

execution173221d ago

hashbrowns eggs and bacon is perfect or anything with bacon:P

TheDudeAbides3221d ago

vegetables, fruits, water :D


thewhoopimen3220d ago (Edited 3220d ago )

A nice salad, dried fruit, popcorn or a small bag of trail mix and bottled water. Don't want to be thrown in with the negative stereotypes that most people associate with gamers. You know what I'm talking about obese, greasy, BO smelling, ruddy pale skin...etc. Not that I'm suggesting anyone here is. But it's just good to take care of oneself under any circumstance.

PS Besides, as some of lady gamers below are pointing out, they want their gamer boys to look good too. heh.

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movements3221d ago (Edited 3221d ago )

Fruits and Ice Cream with my wife in skimpy clothing ; )

Bubbles ?

-Alpha3221d ago

You tease a bunch of nerdy gamers like us with a tale about your wife in skimpy clothing and expect bubbles? :P

Bobby Kotex3221d ago

I don't think blow up dolls count as real wives.

ikkeweer3221d ago

Now his wife I could bubble

Redempteur3221d ago

a variant of tea with spécial herb only found where i live ...

it make me calm enough to not rage while surfing the internet ....

nouman19893221d ago

did anyone say macaroni?

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