Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars 2?

TheSixthAxis writes:

"Imagine my delight, then, when I discover one of those cryptic hints you get all over the internet. Just a message with only hints that you have to discover yourself. This is my favourite type of advertising in that it's not really advertising so much as leaving people to their own imaginations beyond a single, tiny hint.

So, 'It is coming' might not be the most original start to this, but that's what was used over on the SARPBC forums. Further probing resulted in the discovery that the banner that mods were using in their signatures was called 'sarpbc2banner.jpg'. Obviously, this is a hint at a sequel, which is excellent news. Obviously, since we haven't got official confirmation yet, we're leaving this as a rumour, but it's pretty much definite, really."

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coolcole933244d ago

I really hope this is true. For anyone who hasn't heard of this game before, this is it:

Best game on PSN imo. And a sequel can only improve it :D

WildArmed3243d ago

lol I was wondernig what SARPBC stood for.
But that game is simply awesome.
I do hope we get a proper follow up.
Game was pretty intense.

I wouldn't mind motion controller support

Fyshokid3244d ago

This is seriously the Best. Game. EVER!

mrv3213244d ago

It could also be a hint at it's a V2 of the banner but I don't want to believe that so I won't. GIVE ME SARPBC2

Cajun Chicken3243d ago

I hope they make it more like Rollcage this time around. Wasn't a fan of the just football stance.

DIABOLO_843243d ago

"it's pretty much definite", lol.. No it isn't. It's an image name......

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