Stalker meets Half-Life 2: First gameplay vid of Raindrop

PC games published the very first gameplay trailer of Raindrop, the upcoming Source Engine modification. Impressive Screenshots inside!

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Silverwolf3165d ago

very impressive! Source engine still holds up.

wicko3165d ago

I agree, that looked pretty awesome.

nouman19893165d ago

when will i get my episode 3?

XxRoosterxX3165d ago

its called a mod.

Valve has nothing to do with it.

tdrules3165d ago

2 awesome games put together.
hope its more than teh sum of its parts

Gigalol3165d ago

where the hell is episodio 3 valve?

MagicAccent3165d ago

...And that is just fine by me as long as the games and mods keep looking that good :)

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The story is too old to be commented.