Terminator + Crysis = Cryminator

New screenshots of Cryminator, the upcoming Crysis mod.

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akiraburn3161d ago

That's actually pretty epic looking. I'm certainly interested now. I would be interested to see a full game that looks on the same quality level as this mod. My thanks to the contributor of this article.

Madis0073161d ago

I always wanted to have great Terminator game.
Think. Awesome Battlefield game war - Humans vs Terminators.
You know.. Helicopters,Terminators,humans and more.
It would be awesome.

Double Toasted3161d ago

...promote MODS to their exclusives and forget about the console games(but who can deny the awesome console exclusives). PC Mods are what attracts me...

Sez 3161d ago

This mod is sick. I want to play it now.

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