Is The Getaway 3 A Lie?

Somebody on Twitter has decided to dish the dirt on things pertaining to Sony and The Getaway from way back in the early noughties. If you've got a Veracious appetite for gossip, read on to find out about Team Bondi, LA Noire, Sony, and Rockstar Games.

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hagla3246d ago

Either this link is wrong or this is the worst article i have ever been sent to on N4G? There are no details on anything here?

"If you’re after a little bit of history and gossip and interesting tidbits on Sony, The Getaway, Rockstar, and LA Noire then have yourselves a read"

A read of what? i can't find anything to read here...

Hellsvacancy3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Is The Getaway 3 A Lie? no, but the article is

MurderMyDoll3246d ago

So what I got from this is that Sony were originally making L.A. Noire, the director didn't know what he was doing and wasted a bunch of money so Sony dropped the game. Then Rockstar picked it up and have turned it around? did I get that right?

But really I don't care what I wanna know is if it's gone multiplatform or not because everyone says it is but we haven't got official word yet. Looking forward to the big reveal next month.

Consoldtobots3246d ago

of course it is and the PS3 doesn't really exist :b

MurderMyDoll3246d ago

I went and did me some delving... apparently Sony is the company that has completely funded this game so how could it possibly go to the 360? if my logic is right....

I also checked out where these 360 multiplatform rumors came from. I think it may be due to confusion from something that mcwhatever director manager of Team Bondi said. He stated the Team Bondi would just develop for next gen consoles so maybe that was taken the wrong way making people think L.A. Noire. Because the game has only been officially announced on the PS3 and it's being funded by Sony so I don't really see this being multiplatform.

What do you guys think?

siyrobbo3246d ago


The cake is a lie

Jamegohanssj53246d ago

I found that pretty interesting. Now I don't know if it's true or not. Probably not, but someone turned 18 today woot!


TheDudeAbides3246d ago

I'd say it's still exclusive.
Some job listings don't make this game multiplatform

execution173246d ago

happy birthday and bubbles

and on a side note, i guess i'm going to have to wait until next month for some info on LA Noire

Red Panda3246d ago

The getaway series was pretty damn cool back in the day. The driving was difficult with that crappy arrow but man were they fun games.

Disccordia3246d ago

SCEA was funding LA Noire to begin with. They pulled out of that a long time ago though, maybe in 2007. Considering The Getaway was being handled by SCEE, I can't really see how that's possible although there is certainly a link to LA Noire - I think the lead designer of the PS2 Getaway's is now at Team Bondi.

Indeed LA Noire has only ever been announced for PS3. Team Bondi's website suddenly listed it as being in development for 'next generation consoles' in early 2009 which is where the rumours of multiplatform have come from. Just because Sony funded it to begin with doesn't mean it can't come to 360, but when Rockstar took over, they said it was only possible on PS3. I guess we'll find out for sure next month when it's properly revealed.

SilentNegotiator3245d ago

Haven't we already learned to not trust random Twitter accounts?

My question is, why the heck has Rockstar been so quiet about this game?

vhero3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Could this be Rockstars secret exclusive ps3 game? Taken from twitter is this - "Sony and Take-Two came to agreement that the former wouldn't pursue the costs incurred for development in exchange for a franchise exclusive"

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lucifon3246d ago

Very interesting. For those wondering heres the link to the twitter page -

Jamescagney3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I agree, there's not much to it is there?

EDIT:Just read the full twitter thing, quite interesting actually.

Umbrella Corp3246d ago

The twitter is a confusing read indeed.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_3246d ago

...YES!!! ;-D

Anyway i would LOVE a 'The Getaway 3' ONLY ON 'Triple'A'Station 3'!!! ;-P

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