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gunnerforlife3219d ago

wooow and on 1 console daam, suk on dat MW lool
if this carries on it mite top 15 million in no time.

mrv3213219d ago

Ah... Reggie was correct. We laughed at him but it turns out it outsold MW2 on one console/PC.

asdr3wsfas3219d ago

If anyone thought a new 2d mario for wii would lose to MW2 when the DS version sold 20mil, they were deluding themselves to avoid the fact that the wii has totally won this generation. It's like admitting they hadn't listened to anyone who owned a wii or missed SNES.

LordMarius3219d ago

When I was playing this game, everything about it seemed dated, just a few gimmicks here and there

execution173219d ago

why it did what it needed to do go back to its roots, maybe now sonic will do the same and once again be awesome again

LordMarius3219d ago

it never left its roots did you not played the DS one, samething

ChickeyCantor3219d ago

Not sure why the feeling of "dated" matters if its an actual solid game...

Double Toasted3219d ago

...with these numbers....duh, thats the ritual...

deshon093219d ago (Edited 3219d ago )

it is of corse a part of the greatest gaming series ever

well to me anyways and it truly the only game all of my family can play

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The story is too old to be commented.