PS3 Reality Check: Price Cut Shifts Demand...Doesn't Create It.

It is hard to miss the chatter concerning the PS3 and a possible price cut. Some are calling loud and clear for one and they think it should be done immediately. Others take the view that Sony should wait until after the holiday season in an attempt to capitalize on the (hopefully) console moving titles coming out in the last 4 months of 2007.

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CyberSentinel3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Do NOT waver, Sony. You know what your doing. (don't listen to reason, think ONLY of your bottom line.) Stick it to the lemmings.
Stand your ground, Sony.

We are counting on you to do so.

@1.3: Enjoy your NERF'ed Edition of GTA 4.

SmokeyMcBear3808d ago

baaaaaa baaaaa said the black sheep with the sony avatar, baaaa baaaaa

XxZxX3808d ago

Yes sir Yes sir 3 bags full

Kyur4ThePain3808d ago

out of your reach means I don't have to run into you while playing online, I say RAISE the price.

Saint Sony3808d ago

Seems like sony sheeps are getting restless.

sadiq3808d ago

obviously they are going to have a price cut but they wont admit it, why? bcuz if they say 'we are having a price cut in holiday season' lemme translate that for you: 'dont buy the ps3 now when we make more money off of it, buy it when it is cheaper so we will make less money'

IBLEEDBLU3808d ago

are ppl still crying for a price cut lol

its not gonna happen...PS3 is a HUGE steal for what ur getting...start saving its that simple.

whats next are we all gonna cry about lowering the price of sonys top of the line bravia LCD lol

if you cant afford it go buy a Wii and shut up..

ThaGeNeCySt3808d ago

lol and that's what people have been doing...

Hayabusa 1173808d ago

No, wait...I've got a better idea: buy a cheaper console.

CrazzyMan3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

cheaper console with cheaper build quality, lol. =))

about topic, all is needed, are games to justify for many people the price of ps3.
when they will be asked, for what they paid 600$, they will just show MGS4, FFXIII, GT5, KZ2, G3, 8days, LBP, Wardevil and etc., just like x360 owners were showing to their friends gears of war. =)

Monchichi0253808d ago

Blu-ray disks are faulty and develop spots over time which will cause you to buy movies and games over and over again. LOL Sucks for you!!!

kspraydad3808d ago

Do you only read the headlines?

The BD spot problem is isolated to a production run of one title. It is also not unique to BD as if you search the net you'll find the same problem on laser disc, dvd and cd. IF is hasn't been reported on HD DVD it is likely due to the lesser amounts of HD DVDs that have been produced...not because their manufacturing system is inherently superior.

Please TRY to make sense.

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boi3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Well Sony should bring the price down to like £50 or so then until xmas then a full price drop of lets say £100 or wteva they were planning will be fitting...I think thats a sutible idea for Sony, with like games coming out b4 xmas its a gd idea to atleast drop the price down a lil and by xmas its a nice big drop plus offers so parents or whoeva wants 1 for xmas will be rushin to get 1 just like old times(ps1,ps2) lol :D

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