Guild Wars Releases Preliminary Skill Update Notes

No, they are not nerfing Shadow Form. Yet. But Guild Wars community manager Regina Buenaobra released a preview of some skill updates and updated GvG restrictions that are coming. Since they'll be released shortly before a Monthly Automated Tournament, and affect PvP heavily, the preview is being offered to give players a chance to plan for the changes. Regina does note, however, that these are preliminary notes, and subject to change.

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toaster3250d ago

Haven't played Guild Wars in ages. Nice to see NCSoft still supports the older games even when GW2 is their next big thing.

Christopher_Walken3250d ago

I still play it quite often. Alliance Battles are the best part of it I think.

Bonsai12143250d ago

meh. worst move they made was splitting pve and pvp skills. i just /age farm now. haha. i don't have the heart or the time to 600/smite

Chaos Striker3250d ago

Alliance Battles and Dungeons are definitely where it is at right now. The addition of Dhuum has also greatly boosted interest in UW again. I have mixed feelings about splitting pve and pvp skills, but I still think it has had an overall positive effect. I mean, if they reduced the skills to what they are in pvp, a lot of the meta builds will be broken, which could cause a lot of anger amongst the community. I especially do not want to think of how to tackle elite areas where it previously took 2hrs+ just to complete 1 zone.

I really wonder if they will address Shadow Form and the huge amount of speed clear teams...although it has caused easy profits for people with "no skill," I am afraid to think about what will happen to the overall populous once a popular thing gets nerfed badly. Taken Ursan teams for example: after the nerf, Domain of Anguish became dead and no one ever does it now. Guess we'll have to find out sooner or later >.>