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Red Steel 2 PAL boxart

Check out the PAL boxart for Red Steel 2.

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dgroundwater3251d ago

That's cool. Now I'll wait for Ubi to shove bewbz n' gunz on my North American cover D:

Valay3251d ago

I'm expecting that Ubisoft will use the same boxart in North America actually.

dgroundwater3251d ago

I would hope so because I like this one.

SpoonyRedMage3251d ago

Don't you mean "Imagine: Bewbz n' Gunz"?

Cool looking boxart

Seferoth753250d ago

@Spoony, Awesome post dude. made me LOL.

I feel kinda sad for this game. Ubisoft has pretty much ruined their name with an entire generation of gamers with their extremely poor efforts on Wii. I really hope a lot of people look past the past 3 years and support this game if it deserves it.

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ChickeyCantor3250d ago

SO the price goes up thanks to motion plus?
I hope they have it without though.

pcz3250d ago

I don't like the look of the game either.

tunaks13250d ago

this game looks awesome, for everyone hating the game because of Red Steel 1, give this a chance it looks really good, remember how much people hated Killzone 1, look how good Killzone 2 is