Is Sony Competing With Themselves? - Step Ya Game Up Podcast Episode 60

Blade206, DCI and WorseCase come together to bring you guys another flaming hot podcast.

Not only we are the number one video gaming podcast, we are the most entertaining. In today's podcast we talk about the following:

- Microsoft Math once again
- Halo Reach screen shot Impressions
- God Of War 3 screen shot Impressions
- Sony competing with themselves
- Capcom losing its touch
- Mass Effect 2 On Ps3 Rumors
- Final Fantasy Missing 15 GB of Info on 360
- Xbox Live 17 Billion Hours logged in

- As always we have a MUST LISTEN to step ya game up and much much more... Side Note.. Don't forget to check out GOS AD ME!

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deadreckoning6663223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

"Not only we are the number one video gaming podcast, we are the most entertaining."

The Warzone on theBitBag is more entertaining and THATS the best video game podcast on the net. Torrence and HHG are awesome. I hear the Warzone religiously and I've only recently started hearing u guys and I don't think you guys are better than TheBitBag...for now at least.

Bungie3223d ago

lol they're bashing the 360 and M$ for over 40 minutes now

but it's very funny haha

Saaking3223d ago

The other big two can't even come close to what Sony is offering. Sony exclusives are compared only to other PS3 exclusives, so I'd say yes. Sony is the only one pushing forward and outdoing their own games.

kaveti66163223d ago

The shooters on 360 retain higher replay value, so at the very least, I commend them for that.

I could play Halo 3 for years, and I knew others who still play Gears 1.

There are no shooters on the PS3 that I would play for more than a month. Whether that's because the PS3 has a better variety of games or because Sony exclusives are single-player oriented, I can't say. But Microsoft's affiliates have figured out how to make long-lasting games.

RememberThe3573223d ago

I'd have to respectfully disagree. I played COD4 for a year, and I've been playing Killzone 2 since launch. Besides with so many games coming out I have hard time sticking with just one.

Anorexorcist3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

So yes I do believe Sony has no one better than themselves to compete against for the entire year.

Sales? Yeah whatever...just because a PS3 exclusive doesn't sell 5 million copies on its midnight launch doesn't mean it isn't worthy of "Legendary" status and isn't a great game.

Only resentful, idiot fanboys on the other side of the fence (Read: MS fanboys) would argue otherwise!

Edit @ Disagree(s)

I guess you must have just been born on December 31, 2009 or have just been repressing all the memories of Sony's exclusive Uncharted 2 winning all the top 2009 game accolades!

Skip_Bayless3223d ago

As far as high replay value shooters I played Resistance 1 the most in this generation. I played that game for like 6 months. COD4 was 2 months, MW2 was 2 months, Halo 3 just tried it out, Socom just tried it out, Warhawk was 1 month, Resistance 2, was 1 month(but I would have played it longer than that if I didn't have work).

JoySticksFTW3223d ago

They're funny though

Warzone is Xbox fanboys to the bone. All of the bitbag, except HHG (and maybe Weapon who's a huge GoW fan) only seem to compliment the PS3 through gritted teeth and back-handed compliments. It's pretty funny

Each staff is knowledgeable however and each actually ENJOY GAMES, though their system preference shines through :)

If I had to pick funniest one, definitely I'd go with Step Ya Game Up. They all just seem so down to earth and crack jokes like your real friends do.

The Warzone has some arrogant personalities, man. They need to watch that. Mike A, Jon Shaw, Torrence when he's wrong and pulls that "It's my show, my world" BS...

Eric, Candid, Ice, and HHG are great though. I subscribe to both

ATi_Elite3222d ago

Oh it's official, Sony developers are working hard to one up each other with every High Quality AAA Sony Exclusive. They are only competing with themselves because the competition is lacking.

You can't honestly sit there with a straight face and say the 360 has some Exclusives that can compete with the onslaught that Sony has just delivered and God of War 3 isn't even out.

Mass Effect 2 isn't a Xbox360 exclusive and they keep showing the PC version in 360 advertisements. Sorry Bots Windows 7 is the only Microsoft Exclusive that exist.

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Skip_Bayless3223d ago

I agree the Warzone is the best video game podcast. The Warzone breaks news that other podcasts like 1up or Gamespot would not do, has accuarate predictions, has some industry persons as special guests, and of course funny stuff that goes on the show.

deadreckoning6663223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Exactly John! The Warzone gives us INSIDER news you can't find anything else and Torrence is friggin HILARIOUS lol.

Edit: Okay, maybe I was too hard on them. It was pretty funny and any more evidence that ME2 will come to the PS3 is always good.

Nike3223d ago (Edited 3223d ago )

Uh huh. Torrence Davis and HHG are VERY credible "insiders".

Who could forget how HHG claimed a Final Fantasy fighting game was coming to the consoles, and Bitbag's Torrence Davis (HHG's companion on the Warzone podcast) posted a "tip" some weeks ago "confirming" the same thing?

Simply incredible how low these guys are willing to go. Expected from HHG but didn't think there'd be other idiots who'd go so far to support his stupid theories.

3223d ago
Britney Spears3223d ago

i like gos more because it's way too funny with blade. also warzone is kid of going down hill too will all the idiot was best when it started with hhg and torrence,you can leave candid anthony and weapon x too but that's all.

Spinitus3223d ago

exactly what i was gonna say. every time GOS's podcast goes up i can't wait to go listen to it cuz Blade is just too funny.

FPSJunkie3223d ago

This show is most entertaining show I've heard in a while. It's better than the warzone and hip hop guesser show!!

I would finish mass effect 2 but my house caught on fire! !! HAHA! I'm going to keep tuning in!

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